TorqueSim BN-2 Islander Development Update 2

In the wake of their habit now, TorqueSim has released their second development update of…

Posted: 20-Apr-2020 @ 08:06z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:25z
TorqueSim BN-2 Islander Development Update 2

In the wake of their habit now, TorqueSim has released their second development update of their upcoming BN-2 Islander for X-Plane.

3D Model Progress

The team has progressed well on the 3D model. While the overall model was done in the early stages of development, the team is now focusing on adding further refinements to it. This comes in the form of revamped 3D mesh, and addition of small details such as visible hydraulic lines on the main gear brakes, that are now flexible as the brakes are put to use. To conclude the team also added 3D options through a dedicated 3D menu, allowing 3D passengers to be toggled and anti-icing gear. No word has been said about the influence of icing on the aircraft flight dynamics.

Aircraft Systems

The team announced that most avionics are coded at the moment with further 3D interaction needed, and that the core systems are now in place. This means that the electrical system will have its own “life” for example. This is similar to the approach TorqueSim has taken with their SR-22

Flight Dynamics

The team has spent the last weeks fine tuning the flight dynamics using the real NACA profile data. It enables accurate rendering of the aircraft behavior in flight. Real BN-2 pilots among the team also helped tuning the engine behavior. Overall, the TorqueSim BN-2 Islander should be pretty close to the real aircraft.


Another important immersion department is the sound. The team has lately high quality audio samples from the actual aircraft. The sounds will be using the FMOD engine.

This pretty much wraps up this lengthy development update on this promising aircraft. Make sure to stay tuned on FSElite for further news regarding the TorqueSim developments in progress.

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