ToLiss Updates A319 to V1.5.1

Following on from the last large improvement in August of this year, aircraft developer ToLiss…

Posted: 05-Oct-2020 @ 18:01z
ToLiss Updates A319 to V1.5.1

Following on from the last large improvement in August of this year, aircraft developer ToLiss has updated their Airbus A319 to version 1.5.1 for X-Plane.

The ToLiss A319 was released in February 2018 and has seen many developments since release. This particular update builds on previous improvements and is the first update since the developer increased the price by $10 for new customers.

V1.5.1 includes a completely reworked Primary Flight Display and Navigation Display which enhances the visual look of the displays as well as improving performance Other improvements saw the developer rework how the RAD NAV page works through the Flight Management Guidance System with improvements to NDB and VOR coding, correct messaging when performing manual ILS approaches. 

The developer has also improved support for those that use SmartCopilot to operate the aircraft with improvements being made to enable both users to operate the brakes, simultaneous sidestick input with Airbus priority logic modelled and both users are now able to use the MCDU in a popout window.

Among other bug fixes, the A319 has received improvements to the flight phase logic to help when performing serial circuits separated by full-stop landings as well as some enhanced 3D sounds when the landing gear is compressed.

In the comments on the original post on Facebook, the developer responded to a question about mouse cursor lag that some users experience when using the aircraft as being linked to the SASL used to add compatibility for X-Plane 10 users and therefore will exist for as long as the support for the older platform continues.

The developer also mentions in the comments that they are currently working on improving their A321 with enhanced FMOD sounds and engines which will be released in the upcoming weeks.

If you don’t currently own the Airbus A319 by ToLiss for X-Plane, you can purchase it from the X-Plane store for $79.00 USD. 

We updated this article to change the pricing which reflected an old price. FSElite regrets the error.

V1.5.1 Changelog

  • Complete rework of PFD and ND drawing to improve representation accuracy and drawing performance (time required to draw cut in half on our test platform)
  • Complete rework of the RAD NAV page, including custom VOR and NDB reception and decoding routines, appropriate ID vs frequency NavAid tuning and FMGS messages when performing manual ILS overrides
  • Big improvements to the SmartCopilot support: Both sides can brake, sidestick inputs are used simultaneously with Airbus style input priority logic, Popup MCDU is now useable
  • Main landing gear compression sounds are now faded in accordance with 3d sound fading option
  • Improved flight phase logic for serial traffic circuits with full-stop landings in between– Corrected outside engine volume and propagation distance
  • Better touch down detection sounds even with 3d sound fading switched on
  • Display of minima in the FMA now starts at 250NM from destination even when in phase cruise
  • Fixed Landing Gear extension/retraction bug
  • Miscellaneous FMGS and AP bug fixes
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