ToLiss Releases A321Neo Expansion; Updates Existing Airbus A321

Renowned X-Plane developer ToLiss, known within the X-Plane Community for their Airbus series product line, has just released their highly anticipated Airbus A321Neo “New Engine Option” expansion pack. Taking off from the manufacturer’s Hamburg Finkenwerder…

Posted: 15-Dec-2020 @ 14:44z
ToLiss Releases A321Neo Expansion; Updates Existing Airbus A321

Renowned X-Plane developer ToLiss, known within the X-Plane Community for their Airbus series product line, has just released their highly anticipated Airbus A321Neo “New Engine Option” expansion pack.

Taking off from the manufacturer’s Hamburg Finkenwerder Plant on its first test flight, the Airbus A321Neo series aircraft made its world debut on February 9th, 2016. The Neo version of the Airbus A321 is characterised by its use of more fuel-efficient powerplants providing fuel savings of about 15%, with operators being able to choose between either CFM Leap 1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines.

The aircraft type is also characterized by structural enhancements to the landing gear system and wing structure, increased wing loading, and other minor modifications resulting from the airframe’s increased maximum take-off weight (MTOW). On an interesting side-note, the aircraft was delayed in receiving formal certification from EASA due to one of the prototype aircraft (D-AVXB) suffering a tail strike while conducting a test flight on February 15th, 2016.

ToLiss has faithfully recreated the new engine options, providing customers with realistic renditions of both the CFM Leap 1A33 and the PW1130G-JM powered airframes. The developer indicates that in addition to providing distinct fuel burn rates and aircraft climb performance that is dependent upon the selected engine type, both versions of the airframe come included with custom recorded TSS sound sets as well as engine specific modeled “quirks” such as the PW1100G typical cool-down cycle.

Additionally, all versions of the airframe, including the standard A321Neo, the A321Neo LR, and the A321Neo XLR, are provided to customers with the purchase of the expansion pack. This also includes the relevant fuel systems that have been realistically recreated for each distinct airframe type, in accordance with respective real-life specifications.

Additionally, the feature list also indicates that additional exit configurations are selectable by the end-user, providing customers with even greater variety and customization opportunities.

On a final note, in preparation for the release of the new aircraft, ToLiss also pushed out an update to their already existing Airbus A321 base package, bringing the aircraft up to V1.2 (Build 1290). The V1.2 update is also required for the Neo expansion to work correctly and includes numerous fixes and improvements. In addition to finally providing users the choice to switch between Imperial and Metric units, the update consists of a complete rework of engine failure handling, a complete rework of the managed speed computation, added support for approaches with MA route points between MA and the runway, as well as an EWD rework to improve the accuracy of its representation.

The full changelog can be obtained by referring back to ToLiss’s recent forum announcement.

The ToLiss Airbus A321Neo expansion pack can now be bought from the store for $29.95 E.x. VAT. The A321 Base Package, required in order for the Neo expansion to work, is also available for purchase on the store for $79.00 E.x. VAT.

ToLiss A321 V1.2 Change Log

  • Support for the NEO package add-on
  • Option to use imperial units for FMGS, weights and cabin temperatures
  • Complete rework of engine failure handling: ECAM actions and speed target rework, beta target added
  • Improved lateral control laws for better handling during engine failures
  • Added injected faults to the situation save.
  • Complete rework for the managed speed computation for a given CI during the climb phase
  • Retuning of the fuel burn for the existing engine types (IAE + CFM)
  • Rework of the EWD for better accuracy of the representation
  • Livery specific configuration items can now be done via a livery configuration file
  • Added support for approaches with MA route points between the MAP and the runway, like e.g. LOWI RNP-Y for Rwy 08
  • Fixed issue with disappearing LOC indication when flying the LOC backcourse
  • Fixed issues with Minimum callouts when they did not coincide with Radio altitude callouts
  • Fixed issue with inconsistent runway naming between procedures and scenery
  • Improved smart copilot synchronization of the MCDUs
  • Fixed a bug leading to x-plane freeze when changing runway after a go around (under certain conditions)
  • Hydraulic brake accumulator pressure does not change anymore when changing from yellow supply to accumulator supply without changing amount of braking
  • Fixed an issue with alternate flight plan loading if alternate plan is in “fms” format.
  • Cabin chime queue is fixed so that no chimes are lost anymore.
  • Corrected the logic for AC power supply to the system 1 fuel pumps. Direct supply from GEN1 now depends on the GEN 1 LINE switch as it should.
  • Corrected vertical guidance for LOWI RNP RWY08 approaches. (You have to make sure to be at flaps 2 when crossing WI750/WI810, the subsequent 3.77deg slope cannot be flown clean without accelerating)
  • ILS tracking retuning in LOC and G/S
  • BSCU failures now actually do something.
  • Limited alternate braking pressure to 1000psi
  • Fixes to the VOR cone of confusion model – you do not lose DME or identifier anymore
  • Improvements to ILS auto tuning
  • Standby DDRMI now uses the same data source as the VOR/ADF needles on the ND.
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