ToLiss Announce A321NEO Release Details

ToLiss, the team behind the A319 and A321 for X-Plane, has released further information ahead…

Posted: 06-Dec-2020 @ 18:48z
ToLiss Announce A321NEO Release Details

ToLiss, the team behind the A319 and A321 for X-Plane, has released further information ahead of the release of the A321 New Engine Options and update to version 1.2. 

Through two separate posts to the ToLiss Facebook page and the X-Plane forum to disclose information about changes the update will bring as well as information on different setups for the aircraft with New Engine Options.

The update, free for all owners of the A321, will consist of improvements to the Interactive Simulation Control System (ISCS) to include the ability to change weights to imperial units and of course to select the additional configurations. ToLiss has reworked the entire engine failure handling which makes one engine inoperative (OEI) operations more realistic. There have been improvements to the FMGS to enable the RNAV approach for runway 08 at Innsbruck as well as bug fixes and some 3D modelling alterations. 

The update will be released to all users on the 13th of December and those who wish to add the new engine options to their aircraft will require this update to use the new engine formats.

The NEO additional addon will be released on the 15th December following the update to version 1.2. The paid upgrade will give the Airbus A321 two additional engine options to include the  Pratt & Whitney PW1100G and the CFM International LEAP engines, as well as Long Range and eXtra Long Range loadouts with the relevant changes in fuel tanks and weight configurations.

The PW1100G engines require two minutes of cooling after start, which is activated through a button on the overhead panel. both the button and cooling system has been modelled. Each engine option has realistic TSS sounds, authentic fuel burn and thrust values. ToLiss has featured the new bleed system configurations as well as flap alterations included in the XLR variant. The A321Neo release also enables the user to change the door configurations on the fly, through the ISCS menu.

The team plan to update the A321 when more information about the LR and XLR models becomes more readily available. The additional engine, loadout and door variations will cost $29.95. The A321NEO upgrade requires the base A321, which can be purchased from the X-Plane Store for $79. 

Changelog V1.2

  • Imperial units can now be selected via ISCS AC config tab
  • Addon liveries can now use a livery config file which allows users to configure additional items such as number of ACTs, use of imperial units, etc.
  • Complete rework of engine failure handling, making OEI operations much closer to reality
  • Vertical FMGS rework to enable LOWI RNAV RWY 08 approaches
  • Door pairs 2 + 3 can now open
  • Bug fixes and 3d model improvements based on user feedback
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