TOGA Projects Announces ENVSOUND

TOGA Projects has exclusively revealed to FSElite the next product in their line of ‘ENV’ products…

Posted: 31-Dec-2019 @ 10:35z
TOGA Projects Announces ENVSOUND

TOGA Projects has exclusively revealed to FSElite the next product in their line of ‘ENV‘ products will be titled ENVSOUND. The new utility, releasing very soon, will bring a whole new suite of sounds to both Prepar3D and Flight Simulator X.

The new high-quality sounds will replace the default sound effects within the simulator and replace them with much more authentic and realistic sounds across the world. Over 80,000 locations have been carefully picked and sounds have been placed specifically in those locations. An update will be issued frequently increasing coverage over time. Currently, the focus has been on where third-party airports currently exist.

Some of the sound effects you will hear with ENVSOUND include coastal ambience (oceans, lakes and randomly generated sea birds), wind ambience, city and port ambience (the volume depends on city size), along with rain and thunderstorm effects.

Each location has been done with realism in mind with sound volumes adjusted to a realistic level. If you still want to, there are many options for customisation to create a soundscape of your liking. As with other products from TOGA Projects, the impact on performance is negligible and is also compatible with other sound add-ons, such as A2A’s accu-feel product.

Upon release via simMarket, TOGA Projects’ ENVSOUND will be available for a special introductory rate of €8.00 (excluding VAT) before the price raises to €9.00 (excluding VAT) after one week. TOGA Projects ENVSOUND will support Prepar3D v2-v4, along with FSX and FSX:SE.

Once the ENVSOUND is released, we’ll let you know.

Feature List

  • 5 supported simulators
    • Prepar3D v4
    •  Prepar3D v3
    •  Prepar3D v2 (Rain and thunderstorm only)
    •  Flight Simulator X : Steam Edition (Rain and thunderstorm only)
    •  Flight Simulator X (Rain and thunderstorm only)
  • Friendly user interface
    • Full integration in the new Envdir user interface for a quick access to all your TOGA products
  • Enhanced default sounds
    • New high-quality precipitation sounds
    • New high-quality thunderstorm sounds
  • Coastal Ambiance (P3D v3 & v4 only)
    • Ocean wave sounds
    • Lake wave sounds
    • Randomly generated seabirds sounds effects on coasts
  • Wind Ambiance (P3D v3 & v4 only)
    • Randomly generated wind ambience effects
  • Glaciers Ambiance (P3D v3 & v4 only)
    • Randomly generated glaciers creaking sounds effects
  • Ports Ambiance (P3D v3 & v4 only)
    • Randomly generated seaport ambience effects
    • Randomly generated marinas ambience effects
  • Animals Ambiance (P3D v3 & v4 only)
    • Randomly generated birds ambience
  • Cities Ambiance (P3D v3 & v4 only)
    • Randomly generated cities ambience depending on city size
  • Compatibility
    • Fully compatible with Envtex and Envshade
    • Fully compatible with all Orbx products
    • Fully compatible with any 3rd party scenery

Features still under in development (By order of priority)

  •  Increased coverage (continuous development with 1 update per month)
  •  Effects variants depending on seasons
  •  Insect, wolves, bears, dogs sound effects for more immersive bush flying
  •  Randomly generated airports ambience depending on airport size
  •  Rivers sounds effects for more immersive bush flying
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