Thranda Releases Cessna U206G Stationair

The "sport-utility vehicle of the air" can now be yours thanks to Thranda Design.

X-Plane Developer Thranda Design has announced the release of their Cessna U206G Stationair. This versatile aircraft is commonly used for flying cargo, conducting surveys, and transporting up to 6 people in its roomy cabin. The U206G is also renowned for being a stable VFR and IFR platform that is equally capable of operating off of paved runways or remote, unimproved airstrips.

Thranda Designs Cessna U206G

Thranda’s U206G takes advantage of their “Dynamic Generation Series” or DGS which allows in-sim, real-time modifications to the currently loaded aircraft. This feature lets users change the configuration of the aircraft on the fly including saving different panel layouts and avionics, changing the aircraft livery, adding/removing the cargo pod, tundra tires, wheel pants, and many more options.

The U206G is advertised as including high fidelity, multi-track sounds, and realistic flight dynamics tested by ‘multiple real-world active Stationair pilots’. Avionics options are plentiful and configurable and include the Aspen EFD 1000, support for RealityXP GTN 650 and GTN 750, as well as the Garmin GNS 430 and GNS 530. Currently compatible with X-Plane 11, Thranda states that beta testing for X-Plane 12 is under-way and compatibility should be announced soon.

Thranda Design’s Cessna U206G is available on the store for $39.95 USD.

Thranda Designs Cessna U206G Cockpit


  • FULLY configurable 3D instrument panel.
  • Over 50 instruments to choose from! (Including Aspen EFD 1000, and support for RealityXP 650 and GTN750)
  • Move any instrument to any location on the panel, or even between pilot and copilot’s panel!
  • Comes with 6 panel presets, but can easily be expanded by moving instruments around, using a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Enable or disable lighting posts per instrument.  Lighting is fully 3D, and dynamically moves along with the instruments, as you configure the panel.
  • Ability to assign a lighting index to individual instruments, to allow different lighting knobs to be assigned on a per-instrument basis.
  • Save your own presets, and even share them with the community!
  • Almost every instrument can be popped up or popped out as a 2D floating window! They can be placed on other monitors as well.
  • Instruments can be moved in 3D directly, on a 2D pop-up preview window, or by numerical entry for precise placement.
  • GNS430 and 530 can be swapped out, but a restart of the plane is required, as 430s and 530s are mutually exclusive in terms of compatibility in X-Plane
  • Dynamic livery editor (like in the Kodiak, the Beaver, the Wilga, the Caravan, and the Pilatus PC-6)
  • Full PBR control! Create stunning metallic liveries, or matte, sand-blasted look in mere seconds!
  • Additional control over dirt/scratches, adjustable in real-time to dial in the exact desired amount of wear and tear.  
  • Create “virtual” liveries, based on two basic common design layouts (Modern and Classic), and assign any colour to any available paint segment.
  • Quickly create a preview of livery in real-time, using intuitive controls.  Previews include visualization of metallic materials and dirt overlays. 
  • Apply selected livery in real-time, right in the sim, without the need to even touch a 3rd party image editor!
  • Option to change the tail number in real-time, or disable it altogether. (Enter a “space” instead of a callsign number to create a blank tail number.)
  • Easily and quickly create dozens of paint schemes in sim!
  • Also includes 9 traditionally painted liveries, all visible in a convenient pre-selection preview window.
  • Uses SkunkCrafts Updater.  Option to participate in Beta program, via checkbox in SkunkCrafts Updater. 
  • Excellent hi-res PBR realistic materials, featuring true-to-life plate deformation and to-the-rivet precision.
  • Fully modeled Continental IO-520-F engine.

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Flight simming since the early 1990s, Trevor has accumulated countless hours across many different platforms, most recently MSFS and X-Plane. He is also a commercial, multi-engine, instrument-rated pilot who lives with his family in Colorado, USA.
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