The Milviz ATR 72-600 for MSFS Is Coming Along Nicely

13 Oct 2021 08:51z

Over on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums, Milviz has shared a number of new images for the upcoming ATR 72-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new previews follow the release of the Porter PC-6 from Milviz and demonstrate continued development for this awaited turboprop aircraft.

On the forum post, we have been treated to a number of external and internal previews for the ATR 72-600. The external shows highlight the modelling and texturing for the aircraft, along with a Wings Airline livery. We also get a look at the systems coming to the plane, although static imagery doesn’t give much of an indication of the depth or usage at this point.

Milviz appears fairly far in the development of this bird, which should certainly please turboprop fans in the community. Whilst Asobo is working on the ATR 42 and 72, we haven’t heard much from them since, suggesting there isn’t much to showcase at this point. With Milviz showcasing external and internal shots now, things seem to be progressing well.

We don’t have much more information from Milviz at this time, but it’s encouraging to see the development team really embrace the simulator. For now, you can follow the thread on the forums.

Milviz certainly seems to have a lot on their plate with Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the likes of the A-1H Skyraider and Blackbird SR-71 already in development.

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