TFDi PACX and MD-11 Development Update

TFDi has shared on their forums a development update regarding PACX and their longed-for MD-11.…

Posted: 25-Sep-2020 @ 20:39z
TFDi PACX and MD-11 Development Update

TFDi has shared on their forums a development update regarding PACX and their longed-for MD-11.


PACX development has been progressing well, and a new version is available for testers at the moment, and should be releasing soon. The first major improvement of this version is the implementation of a cabin layout within the PACX add-on. From now on, PACX users will be able to see passengers move through an overview of the cabin, and will be able to select passengers separately by clicking on the seat or on the passenger list. Cabin layours are customizable by the user, so virtually any cabin can be reproduced. Overall, the immersion of the cabin simulation will be brought yet another step foward with this update. The developer also included in their dev update links to several forum posts which explain how to add cabin layout data and how the PACX Career progress system works.

TFDi further stated that PACX Hud and PACX Bridge are now considered as fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team took it to their post to thank all the customers that gave them feedback after accessing the version through an opt-in beta option.


Moving onto the MD-11, TFDi has shared insights of the development progress. Despite the workload induced by PACX, the team remains commited to the MD-11 and is progressing well. The external model is now nearing completion but has yet to be shown in game. The next steps that will be taken by the modelers are details such as probes, lights and others. With the 3D model being finished, the modeler will start working on the paintkit.

Regarding the system development, the emphasize is currently on the Flight Management System – known as FMS. As TFDi points out, this is the core system of a modern airliner, thus being of primary importance when developing a replication of the aircraft in a simulator. As a consequence, TFDi puts in major efforts, using custom tools, in order to get the thing as close as possible to its real counterpart.

Aircraft systems are the other major target of TFDi. Work is progressing well on the electrical and hydraulic circuits. Not to many details have been shared on these, but it is good to know that TFDi is overall progressing well on their rendition of the aircraft.

Make sure to stay tuned on FSElite regarding the TFDi PACX and MD-11 development.

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