TFDi Design’s MD-11 Pricing Revealed

The MD-11 for P3D and MSFS will give customers plenty of choice for upgrades and expansions to suit your needs.

Posted: 17-Feb-2022 @ 14:00z
TFDi Design’s MD-11 Pricing Revealed

Despite not really hearing much about the TFDi Design MD-11 since FlightSimExpo 2021, it’s somewhat surprising to see the pricing information for the product already revealed. Courtesy of a new product page on their website, it would appear that the pricing is supposedly revealed for one of the most anticipated aircraft in flight simulation.

From our time at FlightSimExpo 2021 with the TFDi Design team, we did learn that the MD-11 would be released in multiple packs to suit different audience types. This has been reconfirmed by the product page, alongside the pricing for each of those packages.

The Base Pack is listed to cost $89.99 USD. The base pack will either be the passenger or cargo variant. TFDi Design is then offering the other variant for customers (known as the Expansion) at a reduced rate of $14.99 USD. This means, if you want both the cargo and passenger versions of the MD-11, it will cost you $104.98 USD in total. On top of that, customers can also choose to buy the Extended Simulation Package for a further $14.99. With this in mind, you will be able to have the full experience for just shy of $120.00 USD.

The Extended Simulation Package will add operational failures, an advanced custom failures menu and some circuit breaker functionality. So for those looking for the ultimate MD-11 experience, you will want to add this additional package to your suite.

Whilst we know that the MD-11 will be coming to Prepar3D v4/5 and Microsoft Flight Simulator, the product page doesn’t make it clear if those prices are for either simulator or are a single package that includes both. When we spoke to TFDi Design/Invernyx last year, they said that they intend on releasing the aircraft on both platforms simultaneously so everyone can enjoy the plane at the same time. If you are still using FSX, or P3Dv1-3, then there is a “possibility that older simulator platforms will be supported,” but TFDi Design is not committing at this stage as they don’t want other advanced simulators to be hindered by dated systems.

For now, check out the somewhat barebones product page. Sadly there are no new previews of the MD-11 from either simulator, so here’s a selection of older previews.

Finally, below is the current feature list for TFDi Design’s MD-11 coming to Prepar3D v4/5 and Microsoft Flight Simulator.


  • Highly accurate 3D models
  • High resolution textures (PBR in platforms that support it)
  • Accurate flight dynamics
  • Full FMS simulation (SID, STAR, airways, performance calculations)
  • Full autoflight system simulation (NAV, PROF, etc.)
  • Accurate onboard system simulation
  • Authentic system and engine sounds (courtesy of Turbine Sound Studios)

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