TFDi Design MD-11 Pre-Order Announcement

TFDi Design has announced a pre-order sale for their upcoming MD-11, featuring a limited-edition variant of the plane.

TFDi Design has announced a pre-order sale for their upcoming MD-11, featuring a limited-edition variant of the plane among other things. The team also announced an updated pricing structure for the release of the aircraft.

The TFDi MD-11 is nearing the final stages of development of the plane, according to the developer’s announcement post. The release is scheduled for the end of September 2023.

Pre-Order Edition

On December 1st at 1200Z the TFDi team is opening their pre-orders for the MD-11 Collector’s Edition. This collector’s edition will include the plane for both Prepar3D and MSFS, with both the base package, the freighter expansion as well as the extended simulation package. More exclusive to this pre-order sale however, is the MD-11 Extended Range variant. This variant of the plane will only be sold through the pre-order sale. Buyers of the Collector’s Edition also get a personalised certificate of sale with their MD-11 sequence number, access to the beta version of the plane, and access to an exclusive Discord channel where the TFDi team will share development updates.

The TFDi MD-11 Collector’s Edition will be sold in a limited number of 1000 copies, for $80.

TFDi MD-11 Collector’s Edition Features

  • The TFDi Design MD-11 Base Package 
  • The Freighter Expansion 
  • The Extended Simulation Package
  • This includes advanced failures and the in-flight instructor system
  • The ER (Extended Range) Variant
  • This special variant will never be sold outside of this presale
  • Guaranteed beta access 
  • Access to an exclusive Discord channel where development updates will be previewed early 
  • A personalized certificate of sale showing your MD-11’s sequence number
  • This will be unique to our customers – only purchased versions will be issued with a certificate!

Updated Pricing

The TFDi team has also updated their pricing strategy. Upon release, the base package will be available for $70. The freighter or passenger version, depending on which base variant you have purchased, will cost you an additional $10. The Extended Simulation Package, which will feature advanced failures and an in-flight instructor system will cost $5.

Last but not least, the TFDi team shared some previews of the aircraft.

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