TFDi Design Development Update – MD11/PACX/717

In a recent dev blog update from the team, TFDi Designs has shared with us…

Posted: 28-Jul-2020 @ 07:02z
TFDi Design Development Update – MD11/PACX/717

In a recent dev blog update from the team, TFDi Designs has shared with us a progress update for their MD-11 accompanied by some new renders of the cockpit model, a changelog for the latest PACX update, and a small maintenance fix for their 717.

The systems programmer at TFDi Design is currently working on developing the MD-11’s electrical systems. The buses, generators, relays, switches, loads, and overall interconnection mesh have been coded independently and now the focus will be on integrating those systems to operate synchronously. Following the completion of those efforts, attention will be given to developing buttons event handling. When all else is working, the final objective will be to create and implement the logic for switching relays in automatic mode.

Although we don’t currently have any screenshots at this time, we have been given a list of some significant additions to the FMC/MCDU.

  • Triple, independent IRU simulations with simulated drift and realistic alignment behavior
  • The GNS systems are implemented and have the appropriate amount of sensors and information channels to integrate in a realistic way.
  • The navigation database system has been optimized and brought into the MD-11 and is now being properly read by the FMC, including both primary and secondary databases.

TFDi Design intends to simulate all features of the MCDU (aside from maintenance/3rd party software). This is a first for the organization and while still very much early in the process, they claim to be making promising headway. We look forward to the next MD-11 progress update!

PACX has received a moderately sized update that addresses some noted problems including; UI centering issue, lack of response to expediting cabin services, missing spaces in certain messages, ENSB airport has been added, reduced RAM consumption and load time. To see the complete list of what is included in the update, reference the changelog.

TFDi Design’s 717 maintenance update fixed an issue with a misaligned VOR1 needle in MAP mode.

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