SXAD Releases San Antonio (KSAT) For P3D & FSX

Previewed half a year ago, SXAirportDesign has released just in time for 2019 their rendition…

Posted: 28-Dec-2019 @ 20:27z
SXAD Releases San Antonio (KSAT) For P3D & FSX

Previewed half a year ago, SXAirportDesign has released just in time for 2019 their rendition of San Antonio International (KSAT). The airport is accurate to real life with the latest building development and layout. The same amount of quality has been spread all over the area. This means GA flyer will be able to find the preciste FBO they are looking for. All buildings are precisely modeled many details put in 3D and not simply textured. There is also a lot of clutter on the ramp such as, cars, trucks, various carts including ground power units and much more. The area surronding the airport is also modeled, including the big highway interchange south of the airport and the industrial areas to the east, north and west.

The airport has 2 terminals, named A and B. It has three runways, one being reserved for general aviation. The 4 top airlines serving San Antonio International are Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines. The total passenger amount has crossed the 10 million mark in 2018, with Dallas Fort Worth being the number 1 destination. Being close to the border with Mexico, the airport also sees a fair amount of traffic to the country, including cargo flights.

The airport is available on Simmarket for €19.49. Please note that this price is currently discounted until 17th of January 2020, after which the price will increase to the regular retail price of €21.66.


  • Detailed recreation of the entire airport and buildings
  • The new car park and rental building
  • 1ft/pix Seasonal photo scenery
  • Significant area outside the airport included
  • Custom night lighting
  • Custom taxiway signs
  • Custom ground textures
  • Baked night lighting and Ambient Occlusion
  • Combined models and LODS for better performance
  • GSX compatibility
  • Prepar3D v4 version has native models
  • SODE animated jetways

Thanks to Zachary Kerr for the tipoff.

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