Sunshine Coast Airport Released by Shunt Scenery

A new developer called Shunt Scenery has appeared on the scene and has released a…

Posted: 14-Jun-2021 @ 08:13z
Sunshine Coast Airport Released by Shunt Scenery

A new developer called Shunt Scenery has appeared on the scene and has released a new airport for those looking to fly in Australia. The development team has recreated Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU) for Microsoft Flight Simulator and it comes with a range of features.

The team has incorporated the latest orthographic imagery, whilst ensuring that all buildings have been faithfully recreated to the highest level of detail. Also included with the airport are custom animations, high rise and nearby VFR landmarks, along with other objects such as airstairs, footpaths, bus stops and more. Despite being a new developer, Shunt Scenery has also included various aircraft hangars, outer buildings, accurate windsock and included custom night lighting that looks realistic.

Sunshine Coast Airport may be a lesser-known destination in Australia, but the airport proceeds direct flights to locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and also Auckland. The airport used to have two active runways, but as of January 2021, the airport consolidated into a single runway, whilst making the other runway into a taxiway.

If flying from Sunshine Coast Airport is something you’re keen to do, you can buy the scenery from Shunt Scenery now for $19.95 AUD.


  • Latest Orthographic imagery provided by our friends at Aerometrex
  • Highly accurate representation of the main apron and taxiways
  • New runway 13/31 with accurate approach and runway lighting
  • Custom animations
  • Modelled main terminal with internal modelling of airside areas such as food and gate lounges
  • Every building that is airside is modelled in great detail
  • Accurate Tower and short/long term carparks with custom objects
  • Landside objects such as footpaths, taxis, bus stops
  • Many custom models included airstairs and other vehicles
  • Coolum High rise and other VFR landmarks have been enhanced to simulate VFR traffic transitioning through the Class-D airspace
  • Custom night lighting such as Light poles and Guard Lights
  • Modelled helicopters and various hangars and buildings
  • Modelled fire station and fire trucks
  • Accurate windsocks
  • Refined airsport services and activity
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