Stay Level Avionix Announces RealSimGear G500 and Virtual-Fly SWITCHO Compatibility

Get yourself the ultimate home set-up with the Stay Level Avionix panel set that integrates with Virtual-Fly SWITCHO pack.

Stay Level Avionix continues to expand its portfolio of custom flight simulation avionics panels by adding compatibility for the RealSimGear G500, as well as Virtual-Fly SWITCHO product lineup.

You can learn more about the all-new products in the latest YouTube video from Stay Level Avionix.

The RealSimGear G500 Hardware Bezel ships in as little as 2 weeks and can be ordered directly from the website, while the SWITCHO pre-order is still active at the Stay Level Avionix web shop and will begin shipping on November 1st.  As a reminder, the Stay Level Avionix web shop is the most affordable location to purchase Virtual-Fly hardware worldwide.

Powered by the VFHub means SWITCHO is truly a plug n’ fly solution.  No configuration or button mapping in the simulator is necessary, just load up, and flip the battery master switch to ON.  SWITCHO includes a unique set of hardware panels, which are designed around engines, fuel, electrical systems, and secondary control surfaces for both single-engine and multi-engine aircraft configurations.

As always, the tag-team duo of Ryan and John at Stay Level Avionix continue to produce panels on the 1st day of each month, and they ship by the 15th day of the month.  They’ve been at it since 2018, have built a ton of customer reviews, and continue to change the way that flight simulation enthusiasts and pilots enable their training to be more familiar and relevant to aircraft in the real-world flight training environment.

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Calum Martin
Content Director
Calum has been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of FS2000 and has developed his love for aviation ever since.
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