SkyMaxx Pro Updated to V4.9.3 for X-Plane 11.50

Maxx-XP has updated their weather rendering plugin, SkyMaxx Pro for X-Plane 11.50 to version 4.9.3. …

Posted: 14-May-2020 @ 10:01z
SkyMaxx Pro Updated to V4.9.3 for X-Plane 11.50

Maxx-XP has updated their weather rendering plugin, SkyMaxx Pro for X-Plane 11.50 to version 4.9.3. 

SkyMaxx Pro is a weather rendering engine that takes weather data from X-Plane and creates the weather inside the simulator using SkyMaxx Pro cloud art, sky texture replacements, 3D precipitation, wind aloft effects and more.

Version 4.9, released April 2nd, boasts Vulkan compatibility within X-Plane 11.50 for Windows when using both Vulkan and OpenGL APIs. Unfortunately, only OpenGL mode will work with Mac, Metal for Mac is yet to be added. The developer has made comments that this is due to a limitation in X-Plane at this time but will hopefully be bringing support for Mac users soon. Other additional changes to the new version include improved default scattered coverage of clouds from 40% to 30% when an unspecified coverage is entered, an increased number of precipitation particles, an added ‘force weather reload’ function as well as various bug fixes.

A week after posting some preview shots of V4.9.3, the developer has pushed the update to its users. The major changes include enhanced tweaks to lighting, adjustments and improvements to some cloud textures, as well as fixed shadow anomalies that may occur in Vulkan whilst using third party aircraft. 

SkyMaxx Pro version 4.9.3 will be available to current owners and can be re-downloaded by logging into your X-Aviation account. If you do not own SkyMaxx Pro V4, you can purchase it from the X-Aviation store for $39.95/£32.66/€36.95 and you will receive the latest version automatically.


  • Fixed cloud shadow anomalies
  • Fixed cloud drawing anomalies in Vulkan / HDR when using some third-party aircraft
  • Improved cumulus and overcast cloud lighting
  • Adjusted cloud textures
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