Sky4Sim NG Adds New Features, Aircraft Integration

Popular flight utility Sky4Sim has announced a new update that adds new features, updates and aircraft integration.

Sky4Sim NG’s latest update, 1.6.0, adds a slew of exciting new features. One of these new features is integration with Working Title’s Avionics Framework. This integration allows for a better and seamless communication between Sky4Sim and your aircraft GPS/FMC.

You can now easily push your flight plan created in Sky4Sim’s in-game tablet to the aircraft. Updates to the flight plan can also easily be pushed again, and your plane will automatically take over this new data. Furthermore, this flow also works in reverse, so any flight plan created in your GPS/FMC can easily be loaded back into Sky4Sim for easy visualisation.

This feature is brought one step further with the Sky4Sim OS. This ‘operating system’ version of Sky4Sim allows developers to integrate the utility into their 3D tablets and screens. The Sky4Sim team is actively working with developers on supporting and adding this feature. So far, SimWorks Studios has announced they will be adding the integration into their Van’s RV-10 that is set to release today. SWS’ Other aircraft will follow in the future.

Sky4Sim NG Adds New Features, Aircraft Integration

Last but not least, Sky4Sim now also includes a descent planner calculator. Using this nifty tool you can calculate several different descent parameters, available in three modes: Top of Descent, Vertical Speed and Speed. The descent planner calculator synchronises with the aircraft itself, dynamically updating the result of your calculations based on your actual aircraft data.

The Sky4Sim 1.6.0 update is available right now from the Sky4Sim website, or by running the updater in the Sky4Sim application.

Sky4Sim NG Adds New Features, Aircraft Integration
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