SimWorks Studios Provides 2022 Roadmap: Kodiak Update, Pilatus PC-12, RV-14 and More

Plenty of aircraft coming from SimWorks Studios in 2022 that will keep you in the air.

Posted: 11-Jan-2022 @ 16:05z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:20z
SimWorks Studios Provides 2022 Roadmap: Kodiak Update, Pilatus PC-12, RV-14 and More

SimWorks Studios has been busy the past year following the release of their highly regarded Kodiak for Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, that doesn’t mean the team will be slowing down in 2022 as they have shared an extensive roadmap that will certainly please fans of the Kodiak.

To start, SimWorks Studios said that their first priority is to fix their website. With the release of the Kodiak, it stretched the limits of the website. Due to the high demand, the team has decided to move servers before releasing anything else to ensure customers have a smoother experience. This should be done within January.

Sticking with the Kodiak, SimWorks Studios confirmed that work on the floatplane model is coming along well. Currently, the only work remaining is to code the gear warning lights and re-work the sound set for hydroplaning. Providing that nothing happens in that time, the floatplane model of the Kodiak should be out in February. Alongside the float variant, a new update for the original Kodiak will also be released.

As for new aircraft, SimWorks Studios said that their Van’s Aircraft RV-14 is almost ready to go. The visuals are almost done and the code work is expected to be finished very soon. It is confirmed that the RV-14 will come with two G3X displays and the GTN750. Interestingly, SimWorks Studios have modelled the RV-14 series with close scrutiny by the factory itself to make it as accurate as possible. After those two bits are done, the team will fine-tune the aircraft and polish it ready for a February release. The RV-10 will follow the RV-14 release, with an RV-8 and RV-7 release later in 2022/2023.

Finally, SimWorks Studios confirmed that they will be bringing a Pilatus PC-12 to Microsoft Flight Simulator towards the middle of this year. The first release will be the PC-12/47 that will come with a mixed glass/steam cockpit. After that, a more modern Pilatus PC-12NG will be released that will have a fully-fledged custom glass cockpit. Due to the code required, the PC-12NG won’t be coming until 2023. What is cool to know is that SimWorks Studios and Pilatus have signed a licensing agreement to bring these aircraft to the simulator.

Whilst the above roadmap seems exciting, it’s worth noting that this is a “best-case scenario” with the team hoping that issues don’t crop up throughout the year.

For more on SimWorks Studios, check out our video review on the Kodiak 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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