SimWorks Studios PC-12: Exterior Model Update, Pricing & More

The developer’s latest update sheds more light on the upcoming PC-12 release…

Posted: 30-Apr-2023 @ 05:54z
SimWorks Studios PC-12: Exterior Model Update, Pricing & More

In a Facebook post, SimWorks Studios (SWS) provided us with another development update on their highly anticipated Pilatus PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In this week’s update, we learned that the exterior model is now complete and ready for base materials and liveries. The team reports that the only things left to do are finalising details like the flap animations, chocks, and ‘remove before flight’ elements before the last step of applying decals and rivet details. SWS is also considering animating the de-icing boots but warns that this will require effects work so it may be left out of the initial release.

The interior of the PC-12 is reportedly also progressing well and is now in the hands of the texture team. SWS has managed to make the interior textures completely customisable and easy to change. Cabin interior elements like wood, carpet, sidewalls, and other materials are said to be applied as simple, seamless textures so replacing interior materials will be a much more streamlined process for repainters. This is great news for users wanting to add their own personal style to their copy of the PC-12 once it is released.

With the news of both the interior and exterior progressing well, SWS states that they are only slightly behind schedule in spite of numerous setbacks. However, they promise to still make the PC-12 the new benchmark for their product line and assured the flight sim community that it’ll be the best plane it can be upon release. To accomplish this, we learned that a staggered release is most likely to take the form outlined by SWS below.

The initial release will be the PC-12/47 priced at €25-35 and it will contain:

  • Four-bladed propeller variant
  • Detailed exterior with reds, chocks & opening exits
  • Fully animated cockpit featuring a custom EFIS50, EIS, KR87/GNS530/430 (with TDS/PMS GTN integration)
  • Executive & Combi interior with passengers, cargo & custom animations
  • Hot starts, residual ITT & engine wear
  • Sky4Sim tablet (PC-only)

In addition to bug fixes from the initial release, a subsequent update will add:

  • Five-bladed propeller variant
  • Cargo interior (a commuter interior is also being considered)
  • Weather RADAR
  • SWS custom tablet

Finally, a third more interactive version is in development but SWS hasn’t decided if it will be free or paid upgrade. The feature set will be:

  • Aircraft walkaround with access to the engine, tail, fuel filter & all required preflight areas
  • Random & wear and tear based failures
  • Reds & chocks removable by walking around
  • Functionality allowing the pilot to service the plane and reset failures

It’s also worth noting that the PC-12/47E (NG version) is still planned but won’t be available until later in 2024. With all of this progress, SWS made a point of stating that they are at a point where they can finally post regular updates about the aircraft. And while no release date has been disclosed, they are certainly nearing the finish line.

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