[Update] SimWorks Studios Making Prepar3D Products Free; Releasing RV-14 for MSFS Next Week

Update 25-Mar-2022 @ 17:45z – Despite the plan to release the RV-14 on Monday, 28th March 2022, the team has confirmed it has been delayed a little while as the team polishes the taildragger’s ground handling a little more. In a statement on Facebook, the team said, “we decided to postpone the release of the RV-14, as we want to polish the taildragger’s ground handling a bit more. While a singular problem that mainly stems from MSFS’ flight modelling, we want to ensure that the aircraft ticks every box and gives you the right feel for Van’s Aircraft latest & greatest!”

We’ll update you should a new release date be confirmed.

In the meantime, why not watch the official trailer?

== Original Article – 21-Mar-2022 @ 17:06z ==

SimWorks Studios continues to be busy with aircraft development as they continue making progress on their RV-14 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their next release, Van’s Aircraft RV-14, will be coming to the new platform this time next week.

As it stands, SimWorks Studios plan on releasing the RV-14 on Monday, 28th March 2022. The aircraft has been created with support from Van’s Aircraft in order to create an authentic replication of the plane in the simulator. The RV-14 will come with a precise flight model and authentic sounds recorded from the plane itself. Furthermore, both a taildragger and tricycle variants are included with the package.

In terms of the price, SimWorks Studios confirmed that the RV-14 will retail for €14.99 via their own website, whilst on third-party websites, it will cost €19.99.

Prepar3D Products Going Freeware

In another piece of news from SimWorks Studios, the team has confirmed that all Prepar3D and FSX products will be removed from sale between now and April 1st. Following the removal from sale, none of these products will receive updates nor will they be supported. Then, in 6-months’ time, all of the FSX/P3D products will then be freeware. There’s no mention of why this is the case in the press release.

Kodiak Update

If you missed it, the Kodiak 100 Series II was updated over the past few days. You can read more about that in our previous post.

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