SimWorks Studios / FSReborn Provides Brief 727 Update

The 727 will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 via SimWorks Studios and FSReborn.

SimWorks Studios / FSReborn Provides Brief 727 Update

Following their return from FlightSimExpo 2024, both SimWorks Studios (SWS) and FSReborn took to social media to give a brief 727 update. Not only that, but we heard a little more from SWS about what they plan on doing in the near future. We last heard about their 727 project back in February 2023.

During the show, both teams showcased previews of their 727 mode and what the aircraft development looks like. Firstly, it’s good to note that the 727 will be a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 “from the start” aircraft and all variants of the plane will be released. Initially, it will be a 200ADV passenger version, before then moving on to the following:

  • 727-200
  • 727 cargo
  • 727-100
  • 727VIP
  • 727 Oil Spilling
  • Fire response
  • Zero G

The teams said that they are using 3D scans for maximum accuracy and detail when creating the 727 for MSFS 2024.

SWS says that they will share more details alongside FSReborn soon. That said, SimWorks Studios reminded people that they are yet to use the SDK so how the transition to MS2024 goes will depend on that.

Furthermore, SWS commented on the included PC-12NGX carrying the Primus Epic suite in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. They said, “This will [negatively] impact our sales of the PC-12NG, at the same time it could save us a lot of work.” As a result, they will be able to improve other aspects, providing that it’s mountable just like the Working Title Garmins.

That is all from their update, but should anything else come from it in the future, we will be sure to let you know.

For more on the 727, why not check out the news of FlightSim Studio bringing the 727 to Microsoft Flight Simulator [2020] as early as next month.

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