SimToolKitPro Version v0.9.0 Fast Approaching

A new SimToolKitPro is fast approaching that adds improved performance, screenshot tools and much more.

Posted: 30-May-2022 @ 22:23z
SimToolKitPro Version v0.9.0 Fast Approaching

SimToolKitPro, the free flight tracking application that works across multiple simulators, continues to see progress from the developer. In the last few weeks, Dan from STKP has been sharing various development blog posts which show what users can expect when version 0.9.0 of the freeware tool is released.

Perhaps one of the most significant changes with SimToolKitPro v0.9.0 is the all-new STKPFlightDataStream. This new feature is described as a “realtime socket based traffic system” will mean faster performance, real-time flight data and using less data to do all of this.

Further to the performance improvements, the UI is getting some changes to be more user-friendly with some reorganisation and cleaning up areas across the board. For example, the flight summary and routing information are now condensed and the airport overlay colours have been improved, also. Airspace markers will now also display frequencies for the active controllers on online networks, whilst a new departure time for SimBrief flights will also give you a visual aid if you’re running late.

SimToolKitPro Version v0.9.0 Fast Approaching

Other new features coming to SimToolKitPro is the ability to annotate on the map, which is useful for jotting down notes or drawing on the taxi route on a map. Furthermore, there will also be the ability to save screenshots and then be placed along your route.

SimToolKitPro Version v0.9.0 Fast Approaching

There are also plenty of other smaller improvements coming with version 0.9.0 such as an improved UX experience for the fleet management page, airline routes update and also a new STKPDataCenter where users can contribute to improving the data accuracy to things such as airport ICAOs and airline data.

SimToolKitPro version 0.9.0 is currently being tested by beta testers and select Patreon members. It should be made available soon for all users completely free of charge.

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