SimToolKit Pro Updated to Version 0.5.71

SimToolKit has been updated to version 0.5.71 and adds all-new UI features and functionality that…

Posted: 27-Apr-2020 @ 16:48z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:25z
SimToolKit Pro Updated to Version 0.5.71

SimToolKit has been updated to version 0.5.71 and adds all-new UI features and functionality that improves the overall experience of the application. The application which can be used for all major sim platforms is still in beta but has received various new updates since its release.

Some of the major new updates include an all-new look for the entire app, along with new changes to the layouts of the fleet pages, the flight planner and also a brand new live map dubbed version 2.0. This is a significant update over the previous releases with the aim to make it much more user-friendly than before.

For those wondering, SimToolKitPro is more than just an application to track flights. It includes a robust flight planning tool, the ability to view charts, websites and weather, along with other social capabilities. Our video producer, Nick, took an extensive look at the tool in our recently published first look.

SimToolKitPro: The FSElite First Look

Note that we made this video before the update and so the UI is that of the old style.

SimToolKitPro is a free application. More information about the tool and download links can be found on their website. They also have an official discord where you can submit bug reports or general feedback. That can be accessed here.

The full changelog for version 0.5.71 is down below.

  • [NEW] Airline Images – New images courtesy of Krijag!
  • [NEW] UI – New UI for the entire app!
  • [UPD] Core – Added fullscreen window button in top right
  • [UPD] Fleet – Added Fleet Image
  • [UPD] Fleet – Changes to layout, larger airline logos
  • [UPD] Fleet – Updated to match new design
  • [UPD] Flight Planner – New UI changes to make it a bit more user friendly
  • [UPD] Flight Planner – UI Changes for consistency with new design
  • [UPD] Flight Summary – UI Overhaul to update for new design. Fuel and payload is now a tab on the departure airport
  • [UPD] Live Map 2.0 – Added Day/Night overlay option
  • [UPD] Live Map 2.0 – Added flight following not perfect, some work required
  • [UPD] Live Map 2.0 – Added hover popups for all flights
  • [UPD] Tab Manager – Tabs now highlight when active
  • [FIX] Core – Added check for old NSIS installer version of STKP with auto uninstall
  • [FIX] Core – Sim time not shown if not available
  • [FIX] Core – Network mode (set in settings) disables auto connect and shows connection buttons on the dash
  • [FIX] Live Map 2.0 – Added beta tag to the menu element
  • [FIX] Live Map 2.0 – Now remember last position and zoom level
  • [FIX] Live Map 2.0 – Can now display airspace coverage for Vatsim/IVAO (Not currently showing airport coverage)
  • [FIX] Landing Reports – UI Updated
  • [FIX] Landing Reports – Fixed default check state of file error notice
  • [FIX] Landing Reports – Timer now runs at 1s/s rather than 5s/s (realtime)
  • [FIX] Settings – Option for using STKP on a networked device added
  • [FIX] Logbook – Time fix for exported csv format
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