SimSolutions Releases Diamond DA40NG for XPL

16 Nov 2021 12:28z

If you’re looking to fly the four-seater aircraft in X-Plane, then SimSolutions has you covered. Their newly released Diamond DA40NG allows you to fly the iconic aircraft with a number of features and a high level of detail. With over 500 aircraft of the type produced in the real-world, the Diamond DA40NG is a popular aircraft that allows you to take advantage of a powerful engine and the built-in G1000 unit.

The team at SimSolutions has provided a comprehensive release that includes full 4K PBR texturing, a fully 3D cockpit and custom FMOD sound effects. Furthermore, the team has included a G1000 unit with custom engine instrument information, along with AviTab integration. Other features include modelled tie-downs, inlet covers and chocks.

You can buy SimSolutions’ Diamond DA40NG for X-Plane 11 now from the iniBuilds store for £18.49 (excluding VAT).


  • Fully modeled exterior
  • 4K PBR textures
  • Fully modeled 3D cockpit
  • Functioning doors (Canopy and Passenger)
  • Laminar G1000 with custom engine instruments
  • Custom FMOD Sounds by FTSim+
  • AviTab integration
  • Guide on how to use aircraft (.pdf)
  • Toggleable Tie Downs, Inlet Covers, Chocks

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