[Updated] SIMMARKET Now Forces All Users to Use App to Download Products

How do you feel about having to download through the app rather than the online store?

Updated 25-Mar-2022 @ 11:45z

Since publication, we have received some new information from SIMMARKET about this new change.

In SIMMARKET’s statement, they say that they planned to make the installation process of their library much easier with one-click installation. They say by doing this, it will offer enhanced security for both customers and developers who rely on SIMMARKET’s services. By focusing on just the application, SIMMARKET says they can concentrate on security and ensure they are developing for a singular platform.

This change was implemented on March 21st following a 4 week notice period, according to SIMMARKET’s spokesperson.

SIMMARKET also added, “The change will be permanent, customers are welcome to use the new SIMMARKET App to be able to download their product files. An order (contract) is considered fulfilled after the customer has received his download or/and registration keys. Our General Terms of Business have always made it clear that the permanent provision of backup files and registration keys is a voluntary and free service of SIMMARKET and that there is no legal entitlement to it, see §5.5.”

Finally, SIMMARKET said that they will continue to provide free updates via the SIMMARKET app with bug fixes and improvements.

== Original Article posted 25-Mar-2022 @ 09:35z ==

When SIMMARKET launched their application last year, it was very much a complementary product to their online website. The same website that many people have used for years to download products to their systems and installed products using the developer’s installer.

However, that has now changed with SIMMARKET as the reliance on the app itself has become pretty much a necessity for everyone with products on SIMMARKET. As of a few days ago, SIMMARKET has made it a mandatory requirement that all products and updates are now downloaded via their app.

If you head to your previous product purchases in your account, you will now see a blue notice indicating that all downloads must be done through the application. It’s unclear when this change was made.

[Updated] SIMMARKET Now Forces All Users to Use App to Download Products

So if you have purchased something from SIMMARKET and need to redownload, you will need to download the application and log in. From there, you can access your products, including all updates.

[Updated] SIMMARKET Now Forces All Users to Use App to Download Products

If you need to download the SIMMARKET app, you can do so here.

The application itself allows you to discover the whole library of products on SIMMARKET, whilst downloading them directly to your PC. It has other functionality such as checking the latest products on-sale, submitting support tickets and creating your very own wishlist.

We have reached out to SIMMARKET to clarify the changes, but we didn’t hear back before the publication of this article. We’ll update the post should anything be sent our way.

Thanks to Novawing24 for the tip.

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