Setting Our Expectations for Farming Simulator 2019

Expected to be previewed at E3 2018 in June this year, the reveal trailer for the next installment in the Farming Simulator series of games was released a month and a half ago with lots…

Posted: 30-Mar-2018 @ 14:40z
Setting Our Expectations for Farming Simulator 2019

Expected to be previewed at E3 2018 in June this year, the reveal trailer for the next installment in the Farming Simulator series of games was released a month and a half ago with lots of goodies and easter eggs teased. While FS17 was a giant leap from FS15, it left us wanting more and FS19 is poised to deliver on some of those wished! We’ll start out by breaking down the trailer, then we’ll get into what we’d like to see in FS19. With that, let’s begin!

The most obvious thing that stands out in the first few seconds of the trailer is the massively improved graphics. It’s no secret that past iterations of farm sim have had, well, rather lackluster graphics. Not awful, but certainly not 2018 standards by any means. The reveal trailer for FS19 shows incredible graphics, such as puddles, dynamic reflections, a changing sky, and just a massive improvement over past titles. Given, this is nothing but a reveal trailer and we’ve seen fancy graphics in trailers like this in the past, but if the final release candidate looks anywhere near what the trailer does, FS19 will be a true game-changer graphics wise for the series!

Next is the animals. In the trailer, a dog is visible to the left of the man. A this could be a hint that more animals are coming to the game, with horses already being confirmed. This is an area where previous titles have left us wanting; animals. We already have cows, chicken, and sheep but that’s it. Having more animals would make properly managing the livestock part of your farm all that more challenging, and should make for great fun having tons of separate pastures of all of your animals! A dog would be a bonus, though I don’t see how they could implement them in a way that didn’t look extremely out of place and silly.

Buildings are a weak spot of farming simulator, in my opinion. They are static, customizable, and generally serve no other purpose than looks as even rain still falls right through them. The trailer shows a raising door on the barn, and if implemented in the final game, would make buildings really feel like they’re not just static 3D models. Walking towards the barn on a crisp morning and raising the door to see your tractor or combine sitting in there would be simply amazing!

Equipment is another spot where I’d like to see improved. FS17 has the biggest roster of manufactures and vehicle types to date. While this garage is impressively large, it leaves us wanting more. One example of this, particularly for us Americans, is John Deere, and more specifically its lack of inclusion in the game. While other brands are extremely well covered, there is a gaping hole in the lineup in the form of John Deere. For whatever reason, presumably due to licensing issues, John Deere equipment has been absent from the game with its inclusion being at or near the top of many farmer’s wish lists for quite some time now.

Finally, weather and the sky. In past tiles, the weather and the sky has remained static with no change in conditions both in weather and sky colors. In the trailer, we see beautiful clouds and vivid sky colors, something we hope to see in the final RTM build. Having dynamic weather, shifting from dark storm clouds, to pouring rain, and a humid blue sky would make the entire experience extremely immersive and give players yet another thing to consider when harvesting their crops or plowing their fields!

All in all. what we’d like to see in FS19 are as follows. We’d like to see a complete overhaul of the graphics engine, along the lines of what’s shown in the trailer, with no stone left unturned when revamping the visuals. Next, we’d like to see an improvement in the animal variety, with horses and dogs toping our wishlist. We’d love to see buildings become more dynamic and interactive, hopefully being able to customize existing models or even create our own! At the very least, fixing the bug where rain falls though the roof would be a big improvement in itself. Equipment wise, we’d obviously love to see more vehicles and categories added to grow the garage even further, but more highly requested brands such as John Deere would be a good start. Finally, we’d like to see dynamic weather and skies come to FS19, with weather variation and changing sky conditions being the bare minimum in my opinion.

So, what would you like to see included and/or changed in Farming Simulator 2019? Did we miss something that’s been on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below, one thing’s for certain though; we cannot wait to get our hands on FS19 and see if any of our wishes were granted!

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