Self Loading Cargo Updated to Version 1.5

The utility app known as Self Loading Cargo has been updated to version 1.5. This is a major version of the product and many new features, tweaks and changes since version 1.41 released back in…

Posted: 02-Jun-2020 @ 08:07z
Self Loading Cargo Updated to Version 1.5

The utility app known as Self Loading Cargo has been updated to version 1.5. This is a major version of the product and many new features, tweaks and changes since version 1.41 released back in October of last year. Some highlights for this update include the ability to see passengers board in real time, integration with SimBrief and an all-new sound pack system.

So as mentioned, one of the biggest changes with version 1.5 is the introduction of the ability to see exact passenger movements around any aircraft. From the small A319 to the A380 and everything in between, a range of aircraft configurations are included so you can see the movements within the cabin. For example, watch when passengers board, when they use the facilities and also how your cabin crew interact with the fare-paying cargo. Users can expand on this functionality simply by editing the config file and creating a seating arrangement of your choice.

The movements in the cabin are also realistic depending on the phase of flight. Cabin Crew will attend their doors during the right times, passengers will only move once the seatbelt sign is off and so forth.

Another key feature with this update is the introduction of limited sound effects for all events and then are randomised on each flight. This then makes each flight different from the last and providing with much-needed variety when flying. Users can also name files in certain ways to increase the intelligence of when things are said. E.g. choosing an ICAO code in the sound file will only play that sound at that particular airport.

Significantly changed with this new version is also the new flight grading and report system. This will give you helpful tips for your next flight, results from your passenger satisfaction along with warnings and penalties applied.

Self Loading Cargo Updated to Version 1.5

There’s a heap of new features and functionality within the new version of Self Loading Cargo. The full list of new features ready is down below, with additional fixes and updates mentioned in the changelog.

Self Loading Cargo is listed as an early-access product, and is selling at a reduced cost of £12.99 (after early access it will be £17.99). You can buy it from the Self Loading Cargo website. It is compatible with FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane 11.

Those who already own the product should get a notification of the update.

Thanks to Grumman F-14B Tomcat in our Discord for the heads up.

All Features ‘Ready’ In Self Loading Cargo 1.5

  • Powerful Soundpack Filtering
  • Default Sound Pack Update
  • Revamped Sound Engine
  • Improved Window Management
  • User-Manual Being Written
  • Option to “muffle” cabin crew to simulate the cockpit door being closed
  • Better multi-door support and passenger boarding logic
  • Aircraft Cabin Configuration Files Added
  • 19 Extra Context-Sensitive Arrival/Delay Sounds
  • Audible Passenger Reactions To Your Flying
  • X-Plane Zulu Time Bug Compatibility
  • Inflight Service Automation and Effects
  • Flight Report Revamped
  • Custom Cruise Altitude
  • SimBrief Integration
  • Manual Announcements
  • Voices can now be selected as a combination of either pre-recorded, or TTS for each “character”
  • Surface Detection and Penalties
  • Seatbelt Automation Option
  • Anxiety threshold added to passengers
  • Boarding Music can now be automated
  • Passenger Thoughts expanded
  • Simulator Zulu time now in use
  • Allow specifying departure/arrival times
  • Previous Flight Config Is Remembered
  • Passenger Boarding Interval now customisable
  • In-Flight Service Adjustment
  • Cabin Simulation Updates
  • REAL TIME VISUALISATION of the cabin, crew and passengers

Full changelog can be found here.

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