SC Designs Releases Blackbushe Airport for MSFS

Scenery developer SC Designs has released their rendition of Blackbushe Airport (EGLK) for Microsoft Flight…

Posted: 20-Mar-2021 @ 21:20z
SC Designs Releases Blackbushe Airport for MSFS

Scenery developer SC Designs has released their rendition of Blackbushe Airport (EGLK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Blackbushe Airport is located in the southern part of England, within the county of Hampshire. During WWII, the airport was used by the Royal Air Force and many important people, including Queen Elizabeth and former President Eisenhower. Interestingly, the airport was one of many that had a FIDO (Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation) system installed. This process helped in dispersing and lifting the fog to clear the runway for arriving aircraft when visibility was low; it used fuel pipes alongside the runway to direct the fuel and ignite it. Furthermore, Blackbushe is a general aviation airport, with several aircraft populating the field because of multiple flight schools within the premises.

The developer has done a fantastic job at rendering the airport to match that of real life. 3D objects placed all over the perimeter of the airport can be matched to real satellite imagery. In particular, 3D vehicles and static aircraft displays bring the airport to life. Accurate imagery on custom modeled buildings is possible because of on-site observations done by the developer. Many developers like to clutter 3D vehicles in their scenery. SC Designs, however, have not only done that but also made sure every vehicle looks different from the other. Furthermore, snow and rain textures are seen in the preview images, with snow accumulation on 3D objects as well. Lastly, dynamic night lighting illuminates not only the airport but also the auto site nearby.

This airport will bring lots of fun for the general aviation community. For those interested in airline operations, be sure to check out our review of a nearby airport, Farnborough, for MSFS as well.

You can purchase SC Designs Blackbushe Airport for $19.99 USD from JustFlight.


  • Custom taxiways and runway to match real-world operations
  • Dynamic lighting
  • PBR textures
  • Fully-modelled buildings based on visits to the actual airport
  • Fully compatible with MSFS dynamic weather
  • Manual included
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