SC Designs F-16 C, D and I Fighting Falcon Now Available for MSFS

Another fighter jet has arrived for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

09 Dec 2021 15:55z

Developer SC Designs has released their F-16 C, D and I Fighting Falcon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This brand-new fighter jet aircraft will give users the ability to explore the simulator with this detailed rendition of the F-16.

The developer has included native models of each of the different variations of the F-16. Inside, a full 3D virtual cockpit awaits, with accurately modelled ejector seats, controls and texturing. A stretched canopy glass effect has been included, along with using the simulator’s built-in icing and rain effects to affect what you see out of the glass. In the D and I variants of the jet, you will also see the front and rear cockpit positions.

SC Designs has included a number of aircraft systems to bring the F-16 to life in the simulator. This includes display screens with visual layouts similar to the real aircraft, along with an authentic-looking Head-Up Display based on the real F-16C. Additionally, the systems include auto-trim systems, terrain-following radar mode and a full autopilot and navigation system.

As this is a native aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator, SC Designs has included a WWise sound set, numerous animations and full PBR texturing. The aircraft also takes advantage of the sim’s modern flight dynamics and allows pilots to provoke departure spins.

All three variants, F-16 C, D and I are included in the package. You can buy the SC Designs F-16 C, D and I Fighting Falcon from Just Flight for £24.99.

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