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SayIntentions.AI Adding Multiplayer Sounds and New Voices

A big update for the AI ATC tool, which includes 155 new regional voices and much more.

Another weekly SayIntentions.AI video was released whereby Brian shared the latest development news on the AI ATC software. As usual, this video is extremely detailed with a lot of new information, so we have done our best to summarise the key pieces of information for you.

To begin, some key updates were mentioned, starting with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) approaches, arrivals, and dynamic departures. The team highlighted new features such as linking the volume controls on the user’s dashboard to the simulator and enhancing the chatter system. Additionally, they are making strides in implementing Visual Flight Rules (VFR) for Europe, a complex task due to the unique regulations in each country.

The next update from Brian was all about the 155 new voices added to the SayIntentions.AI product for different regions. The aim is to diversify and authenticate the simulation experience, providing users with a more realistic and immersive environment. The new voices span various nationalities, including Italians, Swiss, French, Indians, Brazilians, Polish, Mexicans, Spaniards, Germans, Dutch, and Australians.

TaxiTurner v2 is now here. Despite their previous estimate of a 3-5 development period, their team managed to complete it in just 2 weeks. 700 airports have already been customised to improve the data set within them for simmers using SayIntentions.AI. A v3 version is also in the works that will allow you to label specific points at the airport such as gates, de-icing pads, and more.

One of the most significant and exciting updates with this new release is Multiplayer Voices Mode. There are now three new options to choose from that will give you an even more immersive environment. These are:

  1. Live Global Communication: Users can now hear live communications from other pilots anywhere in the world who are tuned to the same controller type. So if you’re using a tower frequency, you can hear anyone on any other tower frequency.
  2. Proximity-Based Interaction: Pilots can communicate with others in their vicinity if they are on the same frequency. This proximity-based interaction adds to the immersion, making it possible to hear nearby pilots as they coordinate with air traffic control.
  3. Pre-Recorded Proximity Chat: This feature allows users to hear pre-recorded communications from pilots who have flown in the area before. It creates an illusion of a busy airspace, even when there may be fewer live users at a given time.

This function will be expanded even further in the future.

The Future

In the future, the team hope to see terrain awareness, virtual airline integration, NOTAM awareness, and realistic traffic interaction. They are also working towards a “living world” where flight schedules and traffic match.

Begin Using SayIntentions.AI

SayIntentions.AI is available right now for you to try in both VFR and IFR experiences. It comes packed with features, but will cost $29.95 USD per month in order to take advantage of the advanced technology. You can read more on their website.

FlightSimExpo and Interviews

SayIntentions.AI will be at this year’s FlightSimExpo and will also be on our stage having an interview. We’ll be sharing more news soon. Be sure to also catch SayIntentions.AI during Friday’s seminar afternoon, where we are likely to hear some big announcements from the development team.

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