SAM GroundService XP Released

Bring airports to life with the all-new ground service equipment.

Posted: 30-Mar-2022 @ 15:54z
SAM GroundService XP Released

Stairport Sceneries, in conjunction with Aerosoft, has released SAM GroundService XP for X-Plane 11 (compatible with X-Plane 12).

This all-new utility product will bring the airport to life by adding interactive services around your aircraft. Such services include ground power, passenger stairs and buses, baggage loaders and carts, and also catering units. Each of the vehicles that drive to your vehicle will be automatic and will be smart enough to not crash into your aircraft, using precise docking capabilities.

To help with the immersion, there’s a range of animated service vehicles that were designed by ShortFinal Design (AKA MisterX), animated loading/unloading of cargo and also static 3D passengers.

For those of you that use SimBrief, GroundService XP has full integration with the tool, allowing you to import data so that your services load exactly what you need. If you don’t want to wait, there’s also an instant function.

There are plenty of individual ground service configurations for various 3rd party aircraft all of which you can read here.

You can buy Stairport Sceneries SAM GroundService XP from Aerosoft for €29.37 (excluding taxes). If you want to try out SAM GroundService XP without buying it, there’s a fully-featured 10-minute demo available to give you a good taste of what to expect.


  • Highly detailed animated ground service vehicles done by SFD (aka MisterX)
    • 3 different regional sets: North America, Europe, Asia
    • Animation of Baggage/Cargo (un)loading
    • Static 3D passengers
  • Individual ground service configurations for several 3rd party aircrafts and XP default aircrafts
  • Automatic routing logic for vehicle driving including crash detection and cm-precise docking
  • Interactive services that control the aircraft load in real-time
    • Securing Service (Chocks, Cones)
    • Ground Power
    • Passenger (Stair, Bus)
    • Baggage (Loader, Cart)
    • Catering
    • Cargo (Loader, Cart)
    • Fueling
    • Crew Shuttle
    • Cleaning
  • Load planning via SAM menu
    • SimBrief import available
    • Instant loading available (fast track)
  • Loading and Unloading process feature different service flows
  • Dependency logic for various services
    • Integration of SAM animated jetways including WorldJetways
  • Feature-full 10min demo via content manager
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