rkApps FSRealistic Sounds Pack for MSFS – Video Preview

18 Oct 2021 18:38z

A new video preview for the rkApps FSRealistic Sounds Pack has been shared on YouTube. The all-new sound pack will provide a significant upgrade to the simulator’s soundscape by enhancing numerous sound effects across the simulator. Perhaps what is very cool is that the sounds can be toggled on or off in real-time, allowing you to really customise the soundscape to make it your own.

In the video, the developer gave us a preview of the reverse thrust, floats splash and also the ground roll sound effects. Each of the examples was accompanied by a comparison of FSRealistic Sounds on and off.

Also on the video, we could see there is a “profile cloud” suggesting that sets can be saved to the cloud and restored at any time. In addition, there appear to be different sound options for each of the different instances. For example, in the video, we saw the developer was using Reverse thrust 4 suggesting there’s a number of other sound effects to represent the same thing. It also looks like you can adjust the volume of those effects and even define the sounds used at different locations (e.g. taxiways or runways).

Finally, the video concluded by announcing that a “camera pack [will] be followed” in the future.

From what we can see so far, the following sound effects can be applied to your sim:

  • Airframe wind
  • Airport ambience
  • Auto speed brake
  • Blade slapping
  • Brakes
  • Cockpit ambience
  • Engine Startup
  • Flaps drag
  • Flaps lever
  • Flaps stress
  • Floats splash
  • Gear drag
  • Ground effect
  • Ground roll
  • Over G
  • Overspeed
  • Reverse thrust
  • Speed brake drag
  • Stall buffet
  • Stick shaker

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