REX Sky Force 3D Status Update

The folks over at REX Simulations have released a forum post outlining a list of upcoming changes in their Rex Sky Force 3D Hotfix 2. Hotfix 2, currently in the debug phase, has been released…

Posted: 06-Apr-2018 @ 12:17z
REX Sky Force 3D Status Update

The folks over at REX Simulations have released a forum post outlining a list of upcoming changes in their Rex Sky Force 3D Hotfix 2.

Hotfix 2, currently in the debug phase, has been released to the beta team, and is also available to those who are part of the Insider program. The list of fixes and enhancements, while extensive, is described by the development team as a ‘generic’ list and includes a looks at a few of the ‘high-level’ changes that are coming.

Some notable fixes include changes to the optimizer function that allows users to get a better idea of what textures will cost in terms of FPS. New settings also include the ability to minimize at startup and minimize directly to the system tray.

There is also an extensive list of fixes to the weather engine. Rex promises better weather injection accuracy, a fix for the missing cloud layers, and that they’ve fixed the altimeter jumps during weather injections.

The post promises another update on Monday, April 16th.

Hotfix 2 Fix List

The following list is merely a generic list of fixes or enhancements that will be included for Hotfix 2. This is NOT a complete list, but a highlevel few of the upcoming fixes.


  • When a new hotfix is applied add function to automatically restore last saved user configurations.
  • When a new hotfix is applied if applicable remove function requiring user to have to re-register application.
  • Fix installer to not reference C drive for space available.


  • Fix issue when adding new airport to favorite airport list it overwrites the last airport added only.


  • Update the optimizer function so that users have a better idea of what textures will cost in FPS. Add functions to read flight simulator CFG file. Add function that if user changes settings they are prompted to reinstall files.
  • Make serial key field encrypted with option to view.
  • Add control option that user can set the minimize button to minimize to taskbar or system tray.
  • Add control to minimize application at startup.


  • Fix application freeze issue when deleting a favorite airport.
  • Fix duplicate notifications for community themes and in ability to close last alert.

  • Fix missing cumulus set 19 texture.
  • Fix missing LightningFX script.


  • Change sun/atmospherics sets 08 and 13 names.
  • Fix issue where after adding a texture to a theme it immediately alerts “Theme is completed”.

  • Fix PFPX weather file download from REX EDGE Servers.
  • Fix weather file import function into PFPX.
  • Fix support of Pilot2Atc flight plan import into Sky Force.


  • Fix possible issue with weather not showing based upon date format issues.
  • Add option to enter weather stations/airports that don’t exist in FS database, but yet have an active metar into REX EDGE Servers.


  • Fix issue with map latency and crashes reported with some customers when right clicking the map.
  • Fix position of aircraft in relation to flight plan.


  • Improve weather injection accuracy between injections.
  • Fix assorted .net errors during injection process.
  • Fix OAT / TAT/ SAT temperature issues with aircraft during climbs and higher altitudes.
  • Fix Altimeter jumps during weather injections.
  • Fix missing cloud layers.
  • Fix visibility haze issue with FSX and FSX Steam users when visibility is reported at 10SM.
  • Fix issue of weather not injecting for P3D v4.0 users.
  • Fix issue of visibility being rendered at zero and causing cockpit to not be shown.
  • Reduce number of simconnect hits to sim.
  • Change RESET button to REFRESH on main interface.


  • Fix various .net errors reported by customers with missing data.
  • Provide users with information of active insync mode on main user interface.
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