REX Services Impacted by Outage

Whilst we usually wouldn’t report on news of downtime for maintenance, the latest from REX…

Posted: 28-Apr-2021 @ 07:44z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:32z
REX Services Impacted by Outage

Whilst we usually wouldn’t report on news of downtime for maintenance, the latest from REX is fairly significant and will impact many simmers across the community. In an email sent out to customers, the team said that pretty much all products by REX will be affected from Thursday 27th April (00:00z) until Sunday, May 2nd (00:00z).

The temporary outage is the result of the team looking to improve the services that REX provides to the community. Over the past 6 months, the team has noticed a severe degradation in the host they currently use for the data servers and are now in the final process of shifting to a new hosting firm. As the move is server-side, the application will still work on your PC, but various services will be impacted by the outages. Those services include:

  • Weather data
  • Community data
  • Product registration
  • Product verification

This means that current customers will be unable to download weather information to inject into the simulator, along with trying to get presets uploaded to the community folders. In addition, if you’re looking to buy any REX product, you will be unable to register or verify your ownership. These features are due to come back online once the outage has been resolved.

For clarity, the following products are affected by the outage:

  • REX 6 Weather Force 2020
  • REX 5 Environment Force
  • REX 5 Sky Force 3D
  • REX 5 Worldwide Airports HD
  • REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds
  • REX 4 Texture Direct – Steam Edition
  • REX 4 Weather Architect
  • WX Advantage Radar

Whilst the outage does mean all REX products are unusable for the time being, the team wants to thank customers for their patience, but REX “believe[s] this will provide an improved experience” in the long-term.

Thanks to Seth A for the heads-up.

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