Review: Verticalsim KOMA – Omaha-Eppley Field for MSFS

Tom takes us on a tour of Verticalsim's Omaha-Eppley Field for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Review Information
Version reviewed: v1.0.0
Price: $17.99
Press copy produced by: Verticalsim
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Tom shows us Verticalsim’s Omaha-Eppley Field for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Omaha is located in the central United States in Nebraska along the border with Iowa. The airport primarily sees domestic US traffic from a variety of airlines.

Video produced by: Tom’s Planes

FSElite Bottom Line
Verticalsim’s Omaha-Eppley Field is a decent rendition for those who absolutely need this airport. The buildings are well done for the most part and some extras outside of the airport grounds are a nice touch. There are a lot of problems present that should have come up during a quality check and ramp and gate textures leave more to be desired. The price is close to some top-tier developers and does not reflect the same level of quality. The airport is an interesting one to judge since certain parts are done very well while other parts are inexcusably overlooked or obviously wrong.
Building models are well done
Runway textures are high quality
Concourse interiors are well done
Lots of "clutter" objects
Ramp textures could be improved upon
Gaps in buildings
Terminal sections without interiors have poor window textures for day and night
Approach lights misaligned with ground textures
Floating, sunk, and mislabeled taxiway signs
Reversed or inaccurate textures/labels in places
Scenery blending issues after World Update X
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Video Producer
Tom’s interest in aviation began with FS2000 and CFS1 and only grew when he was taken spotting at McCarran Intl. He sets out to learn as much as he an about aviation and he has continued to use flight sim as his primary tool. When not on the sim, Tom enjoys designing, building, and flying remote-controlled aircraft, plane spotting/aviation photography, experimenting with 3D printing, and playing other PC games.
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