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Version reviewed: 1.02
Price: £19.99 GBP
Press copy produced by: iniBuilds
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Spencer shows us iniBuilds attempt at modeling Los Angeles International Airport

FSElite Bottom Line
The bottom line is that it’s a good airport. The upgrade in the quality of the airport’s airside and ground-side aspects from Asobo’s hand-modeled version is significant. I especially love the effort put into the clutter all around the airport, really makes the airport feel alive. The night lighting of the airport is one of the best I’ve seen in this sim. There is clear talent from the developer, which makes it all the more frustrating to find dozens of tiny issues throughout the scenery. Many of these issues are not in areas that a pilot would see in their main field of view, nonetheless, they hold this back from being a great scenery.
Detailed Modeling on a massive airport
Interior Modeling of Tom Bradley Terminal
Superb Night Lighting
Poor LOD models
Lack of interior on other terminals
Topographic modeling of land side roadways has numerous issues
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Video Production Manager
Spencer is a huge aviation geek and living in Seattle means he has the ability to see aircraft be born at Boeing Field. A lover of all things aviation.
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