Review: Pyreegue Edinburgh Airport MSFS

We take a look at the Scottish airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

10 Aug 2021 19:00z
Review Information
Version reviewed: 1.0.0
Press copy produced by: Orbx
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Discover what makes this release of Edinburgh Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator special in this FSElite review.

Edit – 11 Aug 2021:

We have been made aware of some of the following corrections to our review:

  • The runway textures do match the airport as of 2021. Our comparison of 2018 imagery is incorrect.
  • The runway edge lights aren’t meant to line up due to runway drainage. This was a mistake on our part.
  • Performance of this airport was tested using 16gb of ram, as per the recommendation from Microsoft for the simulator. 32gb of ram is being recommended by the developer, but this information is not specified on the product page.
FSElite Bottom Line
It’s a masterpiece. There’s just an astounding amount of details across the whole airport. I have a few minor gripes here and there, but nothing that can’t be overlooked. It’s not a cheap scenery by any means, but it’s worth the buy.
Detailed interior and exterior modelling throughout.
Texturing for the taxiways is outstanding.
Extensive ground side modelling that left me highly impressed
Poor performance saw a 15-20% hit.

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