PMDG Provides Update News on 777, Xbox and More

Rob gives us a glimpse what the team is working on following the release of the 737-800 earlier this year.

Posted: 09-Oct-2022 @ 17:04z
PMDG Provides Update News on 777, Xbox and More

Following a summer break, PMDG’s Rob gave a detailed update on what has been happening at PMDG HQ over the past few weeks. This includes new information on the upcoming 737-900, the universal tablet, the 777 and more.

Starting with the 737, Rob said that a brand new update is coming out soon. The update will address a few issues and fix a handful of bugs. Whilst it won’t include the universal flight tablet, rest assured that work continues on bringing the tablet to the 737 line in the future. Rob does go into a lot of detail, but in summary, expect the tablet to feel modern and enable you to operate various aspects of the product such as ground services, doors, etc.

For those waiting on the 737-900 release, Rob said the aim is to release it in mid-November. There are still some issues that need to be resolved, but that’s the aim so far.

Moving on to Marketplace and Xbox, Rob said that the team are sitting on releasing the 737 to the marketplace for the moment until they’re happy with the release build. By entering the marketplace, PMDG wants to be in a good place to be able to support the influx of users. As for Xbox, PMDG is still waiting on C++/WASM issues to be fixed before re-releasing the DC-6 and future products on the Xbox platforms.

Attention is now moving to the 777 for PMDG. Rob said that things are moving along nicely with the project, with modelling of the flight deck making great progress. Rob said that the team are basing this product on a mid-aged 777, so expect that level of wear and tear in the cockpit when we start to see images moving forward.

There’s a whole lot more text on the PMDG forums, so be sure to read that if you’re looking for some light reading. Otherwise, stick with FSElite where we’ll bring you the latest PMDG news.

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