PMDG Provides a new 737 for MSFS Update; EULA Updated for Modders

Modders and tweakers rejoice - you can share your mods free of DMCA take-down requests (upon asking permission first).

PMDG has released a brand new update for its 737 for MSFS. The currently available 737-700 has already received an update since its release, but this new one fixes a number of issues, improves animations and also tweaks various areas – some of which we pointed out in our review. Alongside the update, PMDG has also tweaked its End User License Agreement (EULA).

The update brings various improvements with some of the biggest being some of the animations in the cockpit. As shown in a previous video, the yoke, gear lever, flap controls and trim wheel now look massively improved over what was originally shipped with the plane last month. This is likely helped by the fact that PMDG has removed code from the 2010 NGX release from the aircraft which was accidentally left in during development and not spotted until recently. The full changelog is down below, but expect many smaller items to have also been improved in the early adopter release of the 737-700 for MSFS.

We usually wouldn’t comment when a developer changes their licensing agreements, but in this case, we believe it’s of community interest. In recent weeks, it’s become quite public that PMDG were issuing take-down notices to modders who were creating (excellent) freeware textures and creations that enhanced the PMDG 737 for MSFS.

The DMCA take-down requests were filed by PMDG as it breached their EULA which each user agrees to when downloading and using any of their products. The strict arrangement in the EULA was insisted by PMDG that this was down to Boeing taking an issue with modifications to a product that represents their aircraft. Rob said, “PMDG had some pretty rigid restrictions by which we had to adhere in order to maintain our license with Boeing.”

Prior to the EULA change, this meant that PMDG had to send DMCA takedown requests to modders and tweakers who were distributing freeware mods. Most recently, this happened to a few mods over at This was met with community outrage and the mod was made available at numerous sites in spite of the DMCA takedown request.

PMDG now claim that following a series of calls and discussions, they’re now able to give “wiggle room” to allow these creators to release freeware modifications without fear of getting an email without “DMCA” in the subject line. However, those who do wish to make these files free of charge will still need to get permission from PMDG to do so.

The new EULA has come into force with immediate effect and will apply retroactively to include their entire product line. PMDG said “sorry *roll eyes.jpg*” to those who did receive a take-down notice, but had to do so in order to stick to their requirements. So if you created something in the past, simply send PMDG a message asking to share it and providing what you made is artwork/textured based “you are free to do as you like and don;t need [their] input at all.

If you have questions, you should contact PMDG who can lend you a helping hand.

For more on PMDG, why not read about how the 737-600 for MSFS will feature a new flight director or check out our review on the 737-700 for MSFS.

737-700 for MSFS Changelog

  • 0011475: [Main Panel – General/Unsure] Removing non working Color changing options from FMC (abashkatov)
  • 0011474: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Screw on upper display unit floating in space (vscimone)
  • 0011468: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Landing Gear lever animation missing through the OFF position (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011320: [General – Suggested/Missing Features] ARPT_RWY.dat size is zero, ie empty on some customers (abashkatov)
  • 0011330: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Typos on flight kit stowage placards (vscimone)
  • 0011345: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Transponder Scroll issue (abashkatov)
  • 0011374: [Systems – Fire Protection] Fire Bottle Discharge lights do not come on for almost 20 seconds after discharge (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011376: [FREEZES – All Types] RTA waypoint sequencing or deletion provisions (emvaos)
  • 0011381: [External Model – Geometry] Belly light bleed through cabin (jbrown)
  • 0011382: [General – Documentation] aircraft.cfg text – use of coma error (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011384: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Poly clipping on ceiling (vscimone)
  • 0011391: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] VC gap, outiside eviroment visible (vscimone)
  • 0011393: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Main Panel indicator housing needs more detail (vscimone)
  • 0011395: [External Model – Geometry] Wet touchdown Water Spray from Main wheels is reversed Left/Right (jbrown)
  • 0011399: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Throttle Screw texture alignment off (vscimone)
  • 0011411: [Systems – Flight Controls] LE Flaps and Slats retract with B system off after Alternate Flap Extension (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011413: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Glareshield geometry wrongly changed on latest update (vscimone)
  • 0011417: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] F/O side window cable clipping (vscimone)
  • 0011419: [External Model – Geometry] BBJ Texture flickering on left side beneath the cockpit (jbrown)
  • 0011422: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Stab trim cutout switched texture needs a touch up (vscimone)
  • 0011389: [General – Documentation] Tutorial Typo Errors (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011392: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Front window serial Number sticker shows only when there is a solid object in front of the plane (vscimone)
  • 0011397: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Bank Angle selector no longer works with Mouse Wheel and cannot be rolled to the right except from the FO side. (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011429: [External Model – Geometry] Cabin windows have a rainbow effect applied (jbrown)
  • 0011431: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] HGS panel on pedestal is not back-lit (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011444: [Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Many switches and knobs animate instantly and should be slowed down (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011473: [Systems – Flight Controls] throttle animation requires algorithmic improvement to animation function (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011472: [Systems – Flight Controls] Control column/yoke animation requires algorithmic improvement to animation function (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011471: [Systems – Flight Controls] Trim Wheel Animation incorrect and not working as expected (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011443: [Sounds – Internal/Cockpit] Trim sounds not working (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011445: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Overhead GEN panel texture updates and improvements (vscimone)
  • 0011449: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] HGS Display on FO Main panel does not protrude enough (vscimone)
  • 0011460: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Various text spacing issues on CB panels (vscimone)
  • 0011461: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Erroneous space on smoke hood placard (vscimone)
  • 0011459: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Window stickers disappear with sky in background (vscimone)
  • 0011457: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Text missing on captain’s emergency rope hatch (vscimone)
  • 0010424: [Systems – Fire Protection] Extinguisher TEST Switch and Fault/Inop and Overheat/Fire TEST Switch should be spring-loaded to center. (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011387: [General – Unsure] Popup key commands should be added to documentation (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011451: [External Model – Geometry] COMM/EXT Power panel issues (jbrown)
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Calum has been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of FS2000 and has developed his love for aviation ever since.
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