PMDG Hopes to Have the 737 Ready “in time for next weekend”; New Videos Added

PMDG’s 737 for MSFS is nearing completion once two more blockers are resolved.

Posted: 30-Apr-2022 @ 09:44z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:22z
PMDG Hopes to Have the 737 Ready “in time for next weekend”; New Videos Added

Robert from PMDG took to the forums today to share some new information surrounding the release of the much-anticipated 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The forum post started with a quick update on the video series that Robert has been putting together to help people get to learn a bit more about the aeroplane itself. The first of the two videos is a light-hearted affair showing off the cockpit navigation keys. The second video, much longer in length, gives a great demonstration of the equipment installed and how you can change things via the FMC. It is just over 30-minutes in length, but Robert does a nice job of explaining what each function is and what impact it has on the airframe.

Moving on to the release date. Since the beta testers were a bit freer in being able to show off the plane, a few issues have come to light. At this moment in time, there are two blockers that are stopping PMDG from releasing the aircraft right this second. One of those blocks is an issue when landing with flaps 40. In the infamous clips, we’ve seen the plane slingshotting on touchdown is still being investigated by PMDG. They are as determined as ever to fix it and now have a large amount of data from being able to recreate it.

Of course, development issues arise all the time, but Robert said that once these two blockers are resolved, PMDG are poised and ready to release the plane. Everything system is ready to go as soon as the final build is ready to be shipped. In fact, Robert said, “my hope is to have you off on 737 adventures in time for next weekend.” There is a caveat to that, however, and that is that the results from fixing these problems yield a positive benefit. So whilst there is some optimism, it’s still dependent on issues being resolved.

Regardless, things are moving in the right direction and we could very soon see the PMDG 737 for MSFS land very soon.

For more on the PMDG 737 for MSFS, why not watch various livestreams, check out our compiled list of official liveries or the latest development update. Want to know which order the 737 body types will be released? We have you covered.

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