PMDG Early May 2020 Development Update

In a lengthy forum post, PMDG Robert S. Randazzo has provided the community with an…

Posted: 03-May-2020 @ 08:22z
PMDG Early May 2020 Development Update

In a lengthy forum post, PMDG Robert S. Randazzo has provided the community with an status update on the current PMDG developments. The entire [jet] line of product is included. Update : as some users have pointed out, there has been no words regarding the DC-6.

PMDG 747

The PMDG 747 line has receive some major fixes and tweaks in preparation of the Prepar3D V5 release. These are new wing and tail structural physics, new lift/drag models, updated performance for the GEnX engine type, updated ground physics, updated braking physics and many other bug fixes and improvements.

Regarding the Prepar3D V5 release, the 747 will receive updated interior and exterior model, new textures, and the EFB has also been rebuilt so that it is able to read the new P3D V5 scenery structure.

The updated 747 has been in Beta for some time now and according to Randazzo, it is pretty close to release. Because of the significant changes involved, a full download and reinstall is in line for this update.


Once the 747 update has been released, the team will start focusing on the 737 NGXu. They are planning to incorporate some of the overhaul work that has been done for the 747 such as the ground handling. Again, just like the 747, the NGXu update will need a full redownload and reinstall.

The team is also working on the BBJ expansion, which is going well and should be previewed in the upcoming weeks, as well as cargo variants.

PMDG 777

Because Prepar3D V5 was released earlier than anticipated by PMDG, their schedule has shifted again. As the team is focusing on other projects and multi platforms, the PMDG 777 update has slipped. Not much progress has been announced by Randazzo, except for that many of the work done for the 747 is being incorporate in the 777.

PMDG Global Flight Operations

PMDG has been quiet about Global Flight Ops for the last months. The team is now in the process of opening PMDG GFO to a wider audience that has been selected already through the PMDG forums and at other locations. This new batch of tester will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the Global Ops and help the team ensure they are taking the right direction. They will also be an opportunity for PMDG to initiate stress tests on their structure.

PMDG MD-11 joke

In a very enigmatic end of post, Randazzo mentioned I am forgetting something that I was planning to tell you- but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was. <ticks items off on his fingers, mumbles about an MD-11, laughs hysterically>>

While many saw this as a hint for a possible MD-11 revival, Randazzo killed it a few hours later by saying “No… we aren’t doing anything with the MD-11, the MD-11 is dead.” He further added ” I was poking fun at the folks who always think everything I say has to do with an update to the MD-11.”

The message is once again clear on this side : the PMDG MD-11 will never come back.

Stay tuned on FSElite for further information regarding the PMDG line of product.

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