PMDG DC-6 for MSFS Released

After a relatively short marketing period, PMDG has released its DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.…

Posted: 18-Jun-2021 @ 19:33z
PMDG DC-6 for MSFS Released

After a relatively short marketing period, PMDG has released its DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Leveraging the Microsoft Flight Simulator engine to the fullest, the team has brought an in-depth simulation of the vintage airliner to the platform. The Douglas DC-6 is a piston-powered airliner that was first introduced in 1947. Since its introduction, it has seen over 700 built and used by airliners around the world operating short and long-haul operations. It typically requires a crew of 3 and can fly around 4,000nm at a speed of 315mph.

Included with the package is both the DC-6A and the DC-6B, both of which are realistically modelled and highly detailed. Realistic animations, detailed modelling and PBR materials make up the externals of the aircraft, whilst the inside has been replicated to an extreme level of detail. The flight modelling and engines have been designed to a high level of realism, whilst aircraft systems are also just as in-depth with a realistic fuel and electrical bus system. The aircraft will also stun with impressive night lighting both inside and out.

The DC-6 is not your typical airliner and requires an acute level of experience to fly it. However, PMDG has included multiple options and configurations to help make it an easy aircraft for anyone to pilot. Not only that but an Articifical Flight Engineer can also be used to help manage systems onboard the aircraft. Furthermore, you can access a complete manual and online tutorial videos teaching you how to fly as well as with flight planning.

This is PMDG’s first aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator in a line of products destined for the simulator. You can buy the DC-6 now from PMDG’s store for $59.99 with a sale going on for $54.99. The aircraft will only be available through PMDG’s store and won’t be made available through any other services for the next few months.


  • Numerous free liveries available via the PMDG Operations Center, which is included with your purchase.
  • Package includes both the DC-6A and DC-6B aircraft in multiple, historic variations.
  • Package includes full documentation describing the aircraft, its systems and operation, along with flight planning data.
  • Package includes a full tutorial, and free access to online video tutorials via youtube.
  • Automated Flight Engineer to assist with flying and learning the airplane.
  • Multiple optional configurations to vary the complexity of the simulation to suit the user’s tastes and preferences.
  • External Models for DC-6A
  • DC-6B (multiple variants)
  • Fully Interactive Dynamic Virtual Cockpit
  • Ramp Manager
  • Fuel & Loadout Manager
  • Artificial Flight Engineer (AFE)
  • Maintenance Manager and Engine Damage Visualizer available via in-game table
  • Realism Options
  • Realistic Animations
  • Highly Realistic Engine and Flight Model
  • Airplane Systems and Equipment
  • Realistic Fuel System
  • AC/DC Electrical Bus System
  • Realistic Immersive Sound Set
  • Free Add-on Liveries.
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