PMDG Announces Imminent Transition to New E-Commerce Solution

PMDG has provided their community with an update in regards to their transition to the…

Posted: 30-Jul-2019 @ 06:06z
PMDG Announces Imminent Transition to New E-Commerce Solution

PMDG has provided their community with an update in regards to their transition to the planned new e-commerce solution, and the changes are coming very soon.

On July 31st, at approximately 0500 Zulu, PMDG will bring down their existing e-commerce solution for about five days in order to migrate all of their customer, order, and processing data to the new e-commerce system.

While they state that the process of planning the store migration has been exceptionally complex, requiring the hire of a data migration specialist to facilitate the large-scale move, the process is now ready to kick-off.

During the next seven to ten days, Mr. Randazzo wishes the community to be aware that things might be a bit bumpy; and while the transition will have no impact on the vast majority of PMDG customers, he would like to ensure that the public is aware of the following:

  • PMDG’s eCommerce will not be available for new product purchases
  • PMDG’s eCommerce will not be available for customer account access
  • Downloads will not be available for any PMDG products (writer’s note – that means, make sure you have installed/downloaded what you need, now!)
  • Retrieving license keys from your accounts will not be possible (writer’s note – again, that means, make sure you document your license key – and on a side note, this is a great time to start a spreadsheet to track all your add-on purchases!)
  • Some information and/or services from and will not be available.

All other services – including activation, livery installation, technical support, the forum, et cetera) will continue to function as per usual.

After the outage, you’ll be able to find all of your purchase history, downloads, and license keys waiting for you as always.  On your first login, you will need to create a new password, and moving forward, there will be two-factor authentication for your account as well.  This is great to see PMDG adding industry standard level security to your account.

PMDG would also once again like to assure the public that they are investing a tremendous amount of time into a smooth migration and preserving orders, licenses, and accounts.  You will not lose anything in the process.

They even very kindly create a TL;DR:

You will not be able to access your PMDG account, make new purchases, download existing purchases or look up license keys between 31JUL19-05AUG19. After 05AUG19 you will need to create a new password to access your account and it’s associated data, and then your PMDG life will return to normal.

And then, very coyly, Mr. Randazzo states that he will ‘be back later in the week with some product news.’  Here at FSElite, we’ll be keeping sharply tuned to the PMDG forums; stay tuned for future updates!

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