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PILOT’S Provide Pre-Expo Updates on Upcoming Projects

Facebook post details updates to Dash-7 and B-314, as well as new airport sceneries.

PILOT’S Provide Pre-Expo Updates on Upcoming Projects

PILOT’S, the studio behind the Dash-7 quadprop for MSFS, have taken to their Facebook page to provide an update on what they’re up to ahead of FSExpo later this month.

In the brief update, the team first elaborated that their immediate priority is on getting the current lineup of PILOT’S aircraft to the Xbox marketplace. The Dash-7 should be first with the developer’s Boeing 314 Clipper to follow thereafter. The post seeks to dispel speculation which has been observed online that the B-314 for Xbox has been abandoned, and clarifies that delays up until this point have been due to limited manpower within the development team.

A “comprehensive update” to the PC version of the B-314 is also planned for “not too long after the expo in Vegas”, although what might be contained within this update has not yet been shared.

PILOT'S Provide Pre-Expo Updates on Upcoming Projects
The Dash-7 is well suited to airstrips demanding STOL capabilities.

Moving on, the post then confirms that the development team is working on some new airport scenery to compliment the Dash-7 addon, with a focus on two fields at this time which have both played host to the type at some point.

The first airfield being worked on is Tioman Island (WMBT) in Malaysia. This was previously served by operator Berjaya Air with the Dash-7, although in the present day, Berjaya Air has become a charter airline and the Dash-7 fleet they once operated has been sold off in its entirety. That being said, the approach into this particular airport has been noted by Forbes magazine as one of the most dangerous in the world, with steep terrain at the end of the runway eliminating any possibility of going around. See the approach for yourself being flown here!

The second field in the pipeline is Prairie Creek (CBH4) in Canada’s Northern Territory. This strip is still served by the Dash-7 to this day by Air Tindi. This rugged airfield situated within a valley near steep terrain serves as the gateway for a local zinc mine, also with a spectacular approach which can be viewed here.

PILOT'S Provide Pre-Expo Updates on Upcoming Projects
The Dash-7 is operated into Prairie Creek by real-world operator Air Tindi, who the PILOT’S team are scheduled to meet later this year.

The post also gives details of an upcoming visit the PILOT’S team have scheduled to Yellowknife following their trip to Vegas for FSExpo. There, it is revealed that the team will be working with the Dash-7 team at Air Tindi to gather as much information as they can on the Dash-7’s cargo ops, as well as additional reference images and an improved sound set for the aircraft. This, says the post, will complement a comprehensive future update to the Dash-7 “later this year or early 2025”, and will also lay the groundwork for the cargo variant of the PILOT’S Dash-7.

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