Pilot Experience Sim Releases Bordeaux v2 for MSFS

A new update adds a LOT of stuff and is free for all customers.

Posted: 12-May-2024 @ 13:01z

Pilot Experience Sim has released a brand new update for their Bordeaux Airport (LFBD) on Microsoft Flight Simulator. The all-new version is free of charge to customers, and it packs a bunch of new features and changes.

The changelog is pretty extensive, which is unsurprising considering it’s an all-new version. However, you can expect optimised LODs, all buildings to be up-to-date with the latest information, reworked modelling in various areas, new dynamic advertising builds, replaced many of the default people and vehicles. New custom objects are also present, along with new static aircraft models, new street lights, and more.

Destinations from the airport include Agadir, Alicante, London, Lisbon and other European locations. The airport is just 12km west of the city itself meaning you will get great views on the approach, especially with the default photogrammetry scenery included with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You can get the free update from your original store of purchase or via the Pilot Experience Sim application.

You can also buy your own copy from iniBuilds’ store if you don’t already own it. It’s currently on sale so act quickly if you want to get your own copy.


  • Friendly FPS
  • Optimized LOD’s
  • All buildings and ground aera up to date in 2024
  • Added custom jetways included custom sounds
  • Added 3D peoples
  • Updated ILS’s to Magnetic headinds and updated Magvar on both runways
  • Added custom aerial photoreal mesh covered all the airport aera and BA106
  • Updated glasses texturing and effects
  • Updated many windows textures including night effect
  • Reworked tower design and improved texturing
  • Reworked tower interior design included many details
  • Reworked Hall A and B design and improved texturing
  • Designed all Hall A and B interiors included many details
  • Added dynamic informations billboards
  • Added dynamic advertising billboards
  • Added animated climatisations
  • Reworked terminal gates A and B parts design and imporved texturing
  • Reworked terminals gate A and B interiors design included many details
  • Reworked Sattelites 1,2,3 design and improved texturing
  • Reworked Sattelites 1,2,3 interior design included many details
  • Added terminals doors interactions with GSX pro
  • Added weather occluders in all opened buildings
  • Added custom animated flags
  • Added hundreds of custom spot lights in the entire airport aera
  • Excluded unwanted orbs lights
  • Excluded unwanted trees
  • Replaced default firefighters vehicles by custom ones
  • Replaced many default airport vehicles by custom ones
  • Designed all Navigation center aera buildings
  • Designed all Dassault aera buildings
  • Designed all Stellia / Sabena aera buildings
  • Added Sheraton aera buildings
  • Added Meteo France building
  • Added missing buildings in Fret aera
  • Added animated radar building
  • Added static Falcon aircrafts
  • Added static Dassault md312 flamant
  • Added static Mirage 3 on BA106
  • Designed a Sabena hangar interior included many details
  • Added custom noveSpace vehicles include Flyco 2 pushback , Catering truck and staircases
  • Added many library objects
  • Updated local vegetation spots
  • Updated custom bus texturing
  • Added custom Citaro bus
  • Added custom animated Bordeaux city tramway
  • Updated ground markings
  • Designed all roads and car parking in airport aera included many custom objects
  • Added hundreds of custom local road signs
  • Added all street lights objects
  • Added many airport aera fences
  • Added many more custom objects everywhere
  • Updated VOR building
  • Fixed / updated many object and buildings PBR textures
  • Excluded default Asobo carparking spots and replaced many cars correctely
  • Done many minor fixes
  • Excluded unwanted unknow object causing an 11 object at MYNN
  • Added golden star for the aiport on the map
  • Updated market place datas
  • Updated GSX Pro custom preset included new passengers paths and more
  • Updated with new setup generation for PESIM system users only (no need PESIM Locator)
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