Parallel 42’s The Skypark Updated with ‘Daily Costs’

Before anyone starts to panic by the title, there’s not suddenly some kind of daily subscription service coming to The Skypark, but instead, it’s a new feature for the ambitious virtual world. Parallel 42 has announced via its Medium blog that along with Pilot Relocation Costs, Daily Operation Costs will now play a part in the world.

In The Skypark, Daily Operation Costs works all in the background and will incur additional costs on a day-to-day basis. Described as “intelligent transactions,” these costs will occur on schedule or scenario triggers. You’ll get notified and a transaction record in the Holdings App so you can monitor your costs. The first of these daily costs will be Loadmaster Staffing.

In this world, ‘Bob’s Aero Service’ provides the virtual loadmasters to load cargo into your aircraft when you select a route in the sim. According to the internal memo from the app, this will work as follows:

“Loadmaster Daily Fee, All pilots at Level 5 or above will now absorb the cost of having a Loadmaster.

When you begin a Cargo job, “Bobs Aero Service” will withdraw $250/day* from your Stranded Holdings account. This charge only applies to actual gameplay days, not calendar days, and only if you start a cargo contract within that period. The Loadmaster will take 21 seconds to load in your cargo; this will be a real-time delay in Skypad before you can depart. For safety reasons, if the aircraft moves, loading will stop.”

This is just yet another addition to Parallel 42’s The Skypark, along with all of the other features it comes packed with. If you’re keen to get flying and challenge yourself, then you can jump into The Skypark by picking up a copy from OrbxDirect for $42.00 AUD.

Now we just need to learn a little more about the FreedomeFox coming from the team.

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