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Parallel 42 Updates FreedomFox / Fox2 with New Features

A new update for the Freedom Fox / Fox2 can be yours right now.

Parallel 42 Updates FreedomFox / Fox2 with New Features

The FreedomFox / Fox2 from Parallel 42 is one of the top-rated aircraft currently in the Marketplace and has been a fan-favourite for quite some time. It allows simmers to easily go bush flying, make tons of customisations, and has been supported by Trent Palmer. Despite it being available for quite a while, Parallel 42 has revisited the plane and provided simmers with a brand new update.

Some new functionality was added thanks to the release of Sim Update 15. The new sim update allowed Parallel 42 to add a bunch of new features and corrections. Starting with the new Analog Variant – the Fox 2. You can now rely on gauges rather than glass displays during your flights. There’s also a new ‘Competition Variant’ that reduces the weight and is performance-tuned on the Fox 2. The plane now supports the CFD flight model, and new friction parameters been you can say goodbye to nose-over landings.

As Parallel 42 were nearing completion of the update, Trent Palmer messaged the team to inform them that he added a smoke system to the plane. Parallel 42 has added this in and it now mirrors the real-world plane – before Trent has even made it public with a video.

There are some other changes in the build too, including new liveries, new Merch Avatars and an update to the G3X avionics. Other quality-of-life touches include a QR code to the product wiki, a new clickspot to return doors if they are removed, and some general improvements to the lighting.

The FreedomFox / Fox2 can be updated through the Parallel 42 store or your original place of purchase. If you haven’t already picked up a copy, you can do so from their store for $35.00 USD(including taxes) and get a two planes and a collection of ‘scenes’ to discover.

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