Parallel 42 Releasing 777 Immersion July 12th

The latest immersion pack will focus on the 777 and is coming soon.

Following on from the success of Parallel 42’s A320 Immersion, the team is acting quickly to add more aircraft types to their catalogue. The next immersion pack will focus on the Boeing 777 aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

An impressive 19 new custom effects have been added to the B777 Immersion pack. Starting with contrails, you will now see accurately represented contrails in the simulator coming from your B777 engines. Condensation effects are now dynamic on your aircraft based on aircraft state and weather conditions, whilst in cooler weather, expect to see cold engine starts.

At the time of release, the PMDG 777-300ER will be supported, with Captain Sim product support coming soon. That said, there are 2 limitations with the PMDG 777-300ER due to ways PMDG has implemented certain effects, but Parallel 42 has reached out to them with solutions.

Below is all 19 new or improved effects.

  • APU Heat Blur (Improved)
  • Brake Dust
  • Cloud Effects
  • Cloud Illumination
  • Contrails (Improved)
  • Engine Chine Vortices
  • Engine Cold Start
  • Engine Condensation
  • Engine Heat Blur (Improved)
  • Engine Ingest Vortices 
  • Fuel Jettison
  • Hot Brakes Smoke
  • Skid Marks (Improved)
  • St.Elmo’s Fire
  • Waste Water Drain
  • Water Droplets
  • Wheels on Rain (Improved)
  • Wing Condensation
  • Wing Vortices

Parallel 42’s 777 Immersion is due to release widely on July 12th 2024 for $15.00 USD. However, you can purchase it now if you’re part of Club 42. You do need to own SimFX first before you can use the immersion packs.

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