Parallel 42 Releases Stripr – Load Screen Enhancement Utility for MSFS

Parallel 42 didn’t even bother to tease before revealing everything to the world.

Posted: 24-May-2023 @ 13:00z
Parallel 42 Releases Stripr – Load Screen Enhancement Utility for MSFS

Parallel 42 continues to provide unique products for flight simulators, with their latest, Stripr, being a brand new utility tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Stripr will completely overhaul your loading screen experience in MSFS. It may sound like it will just simply change some screenshots whilst you wait for the sim to load, but there’s a number of key features that are seemingly useful to many simmers.

Starting with the obvious visual changes, Stripr changes the default imagery with cinematic birds-eye views of airports and the world. You can influence the airports you see, as well as any of the past ones you may have missed as you stepped away during the loading process. Alongside this, you get an actual percentage loading number that shows you that something is actually going on in the background.

Another neat feature is SimBrief integration. If you have a flight plan loaded up, you will get a visual overview of your route as the simulator loads. You can also get a brief overview of the aircraft and weather settings as the sim loads.

What is probably more useful to many is some of the bonus tools that come with Stripr. With Stripr, you can skip MSFS intros and also surpress the network disconnect popups. Perhaps most importantly, Stripr will allow you to bypass sim updates by pressing [CONTINUE]. No more forced updates when you want to simply launch and fly.

Here’s what Parallel 42 had to say:

This release marks a milestone for Parallel 42. Once known for building revolutionary utilities for Prepar3D, it’s been a long journey back into the utility space after the introduction of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Stripr proves that the formula for a dream team is a healthy dose of curiosity, humor, Keven’s UI skills, Jessica’s ability to brand a chicken nugget, and my knack for saying something sucks until it doesn’t. Thanks for being part of the journey!

If you’re looking to buy Stripr, you can pick it up from //42 Direct for $14.00 USD. It will come to OrbxDirect after a delayed launch.

New Store for Parallel 42 – //42 Direct

Stripr is available now from the brand new Parallel 42 store: //42 Direct. This new store has been designed to ensure that customers can easily find the latest Parallel 42 products and also ensure they are buying products that are compatible with their simulator and interests.

Parallel 42 Releases Stripr - Load Screen Enhancement Utility for MSFS

You will also find the latest news from the team hosted on the platform, along with the ability to download product updates and get product support.

When we asked Edson about why the addition of their own store after using OrbxDirect for so long, here’s what he had to say:

“It’s about quality control really. Selling directly to consumers allows us to provide customers with service levels equal to or better than our preferred distributor, Orbx, and significantly better than Microsoft. Built on the rock-solid Shopify platform, we’ve crafted a frictionless, elegant experience, a million ways to pay at checkout, including Paypal, and proper multi-currency support so you don’t have to pull out a calculator when viewing a price.

“Lots of custom work went into creating this portal, but the user experience continues beyond checkout; accessing your download is instant after payment, and updates are without delay.

Other benefits? Well, there’s the obvious one, you’re showing us more love and support by buying direct!”

To celebrate the all-new store, Parallel 42 is offering 10% discount on all products (including Stripr) for the first 42 hours.

Stripr Highlights

  • Reduce Loading Screen Anxiety: Say goodbye to the frustration of wondering if Microsoft Flight Simulator has locked up during loading. Stripr provides a smooth and uninterrupted loading experience, ensuring you stay engaged and excited about your upcoming flight.
  • Cinematic Zoom: Cinematic Zoom is an option you can enable in settings. It provides a moving experience! (Pun intended.)
  • Discover the World: Immerse yourself in the beauty of satellite imagery as Stripr unveils stunning visuals on your loading screen. Every time you launch the simulator, you’ll be greeted by beautiful splashes of color, randomly selected by your criteria, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the diverse landscapes waiting to be explored.
  • Choose your views: Influence the airports you will see by selecting airports of a certain size or airports from a particular country. Stripr puts you in control, allowing you to curate a loading experience that matches your preferences and inspires your next flight adventure.
  • More Accurate Loading %’s: The whole number approach to the default loading screen all too often leaves you wondering whether or not something is happening. Stripr displays progress in the thousandths place! 56% -> 56.032%
  • Seamless SimBrief Integration: For those who utilize SimBrief for flight planning, Stripr offers integration that displays your route as you load into the starting airport.
  • View Airport History: Miss an ICAO? Hold down the TAB key while loading in, and Stripr will display a list of previously displayed airports.
  • Bonus Tools: Stripr enabled us to further strip down the sim and deliver some really great bonus features.
    • Skip MSFS Intros: Allows you to skip annoying intro branding trailers (asobo/blackshark/etc).
    • Skip Undesirable Popups: Allows you to suppress network disconnect popups & more.
    • Skip Sim Updates Screen: Allows you to bypass a sim update by hitting [CONTINUE]. Nothing is worse than being prompted to download a massive update when you just wanted to enjoy a quick flight!
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