Parallel 42 FreedomFox & Fox2 Updated to Include Interactive Checklists

Flying the FreedomFox is now easier than ever thanks to the ability to run through the checklist in the sim.

06 Jan 2022 17:43z

The FreedomFox & Fox2 by Parallel 42 has been updated to include interactive checklists. This item was on the original to-do list by Parallel 42 following the release of the plane just before the holiday season.

In a blog post over on Medium, the team said that building the checklist system was a bit of a challenge. Edson from the team said, “building the Interactive Checklists was way harder than it should have been, but that probably explains why most developers don’t go down the path of using the feature. Edson continued by saying that adding the checklists was a feature that could not be overlooked as they prepare to bring the plane to the Xbox market.

Parallel 42 FreedomFox & Fox2 Updated to Include Interactive Checklists

Along with the new interactive checklist feature, Parallel 42 has also added a number of improvements to the plane such as improved camera position, improved flight stick textures and also a new livery made by contributor AIRPAC1 to the Mod Manager. The full changelog is below.

The update can be obtained by running OrbxDirect and grabbing the update through their tool. It will automatically detect any new files required and download them straight to your plane.

If the FreedomFox and Fox2 is your thing, then you can buy it now from OrbxDirect for $42.00 AUD.

For more on the FreedomFox, check out our interview with Edson, or see how you can blow the doors off the plane.


  • Interactive Checklists (in-sim)
  • Accurate Lanes (sensors) simulation
  • Improved flight stick textures
  • Improved camera positions
  • Improved trim axis code to avoid hardware reversal by sim
  • Addition of AIRPAC1 Livery Pack to Mod Manager
  • Update to Photosbykev “Desert Oasis” scenery
  • Update to Canuckshaws Livery Pack
  • Found a missing nut rolling around in cabin, re-attached to pax door.
  • Minor updates to core 3D Model (liveries unaffected)
  • Mod Manager now self-updates
  • Mod Manager now creates links in Start Menu & Desktop
  • Updated Product Page to remove completed To-Dos!

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