Origami Studios Announce Barra Airport as Freeware for XPL

Scenery developer Origami Studios said that they wouldn’t forget about X-Plane 11 when they announced Gatwick Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator and the team has committed to that by announcing Barra Airport as freeware. The airport is unique for being the only airport in the world that has aircraft landing and taking off from a beach. The small island of Barra in Scotland sees a number of flights deliver passengers, cargo and medical supplies on a regular basis.

The X-Plane 11 airport product will be completely free with a number of features including 4K PBR texturing, custom 3D terrain and colour-corrected terrain. Furthermore, the team has said that the airport will come with custom water and sand markings to help with pilots land at the unique airport. However, according to the developer, it will be a requirement to own and have Orbx TrueEarth North is installed to take advantage of all the features with the airport.

Dellanie from Origami said, “Barra is an airport I’ve really wanted to see in sim, so we’ve treated this airport as something of an experiment. Whilst the scene itself is very small, we’ve packed it with as much detail as we can go for. This includes custom terrain that overlays onto True-earth North, lots of detail around the sand with impressions of seaweed and rocks modelled.” He continued, “We also have bits of the interior modelled including a complete passenger walk-through of the terminal and ATC tower (with a few easter eggs for people to discover). Sitting in the cafe and watching the sunset reflect on the water is a very unique experience you won’t find anywhere else in X-Plane.”

Barra Airport from Origami Studios will be released this summer. More details will be coming soon.

As a reminder, Origami Studios is working on Gatwick Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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